Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear readers,

Ahhh! Hay you guys, what's happening? It's amazing how summer flies by you, isn't it? Despite the heat and everlasting long days, it still seems to go much too fast for my taste.

Since we last chatted, I packed up and moved into a new apartment. Also packed up my office, moved for a two week spell, then moved back, but into a different office. So. That sucked. Like, that's a lot of packing, no? Naturally I haven't finished unpacking my house or my office cos it's like, who wants to deal with that, after all that packing?

Also have been traveling here and there. To Houston a couple times to see friends and family, and all the way to Los Angeles to see my friend Susan. W00t.

Next will be the other LA, Louisiana, to see family. Then hopefully I'll settle down for a bit. And maybe blog with a tad more regularity. Send me gifts and I will consider.