Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back in the saddle

It does fry my brain a bit that I just returned from Kenya a little over a week ago. In fact, a week and one day. It seems like ages. I returned directly into the thick of the busiest time of year in my job. I knew this.. and expected it. Doesn't make it any easier, though. I am beaten and tired, head hurts, back aches, etc. And the fun continues on Monday.

To console myself, I just placed the most awesome online order ever. A good friend gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday, and I've been scheming over what to treat myself to for months. The items are as follows:

Um, I'm not sure where I start with this one. Like, omg sooo good, and stuff. I watched the three episodes that made up 'Season 1' of the new BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories back when they aired here in the US - in late October and early November - and I'm still reeling. They brought the famous detective into modern times, and hit it with a dose of fantastic casting, like dear Martin Freeman (aka Tim from the UK's The Office) as Dr. Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is amazeballs. And oh yeah, the best casting ever for the character that arrives at the end of the third and final episode. I won't spoil it.

Of note, the Sherlock obsession dovetailed nicely with my whole recent psycho obsession with British television. I'm so very fortunate to live in Dallas because our PBS station is so Brit TV friendly, they even have a blog devoted to it called Tellyspotting. Heart. The last episode of Life On Mars (the original UK version) just (re)aired this week and it was so so good. And tomorrow, we finally get to see Downton Abbey. Swell!

But back to my shopping.

When Penguin came out with this series of hardcover classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, I swooned over all of them. To have a shelf filled with that set, they'd be such a treat to look at and to read (I'm ashamed at how few I actually have read). But a whole shelf is a bit costly, so I decided that eventually I'd get my hot little hands on my favorite book in this lovely edition, if nothing else. Thus, Wuthering Heights. Isn't it pretty? Coralie is the bomb.

And lastly...

I'm super embarrassed that I haven't picked up Alicia's newest book yet. I would try and find it in the book shops now and then but never had any luck, so I'm left to ordering it. I don't embroider but I've come so near to teaching myself that I've bought all the supplies, so surely it's not too far-fetched a prospect! And besides, I still love Alicia the mostest and I know what a deeply personal subject embroidery is for her, so I can't wait to pour over the pretty pictures and her warm and familiar words. And with luck, the needle and thread will come soon after.

Goodness, what a haul. I do hope the package will arrive at my workplace during one of those moments when I'm on the verge of tears with stress and fatigue, and instantly make my day. One must plan ahead for these things.

Also, yes indeed, there ARE photos of Africa. Alas, I do not know when I'll have them all uploaded. But it was beautiful, and I do wish I was still there, drinking a Stoney Tangawizi and enjoying the lovely sunny days and cool nights. I felt calm and happy there, and far away from all that is my life, and I think that's the best that anyone can ever hope for in a vacation, no?