Monday, October 26, 2009

Be true to your school

First the story finally came out and it was like, Ahhh, gut punch. Did you need to have been there to read it and cry? If you weren't there, did you still read it and cry? I cried, but I'm a cry-baby (and I was there) so..

There's so much water under that bridge, but I just love Pam and loved working with her. And I think she did so right by the subject matter. So yeah, there's that.

Then there's this. Which I won't say much about because I have some friendships I'd like to maintain and everyone has bad weeks (like us last week) so what goes around comes around and whatnot but still...

..sometimes my school does me so proud. And that's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Amanda,

Remember how during the summer, you were able to just spritz a little styling spray in me, scrunch, and let me air dry? And all day you'd look sorta beachy and carefree and cute? Well I don't know if it's the change in weather or your new haircut or what, but it just ain't working anymore. When you wake up late and attempt the air dry hairdo, you look like a hobo. Please stop.

Your hair

Bummer. I guess summer really is over when I can no longer pull off the carefree summer girl hairdo. Now what?

New York, baby. New York.

Photo by Joseph O. Holmes, spotted on 20x200. I'm so tempted to buy a print. Isn't it gorgeous?

Oh fair city! I'm off to see it in just a couple days. And also eat it. Like nobody's business. Hello Shake Shack, hello Il Bambino, hello (original) Original Ray's, hello delicious coffee and confections, oh my. Hello H&M, hello P.S. 1, hello smelly subway, I missed you! Whatever shall I wear (elastic waistband perhaps)?? Whatever shall I pack? Apparently, a heat styling tool is in order. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, I am working frantically to attach some fringe to a scarf for a special someone who's traveling up to see me via bus from Philly while I'm in the big city. I mean, that's devotion.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

16 going on 17

Thursday is CJ's 17th birthday! Can you believe it?

What to get the cat that has everything? He would like cans of tuna or packs of Greenies cat treats. Monetary gifts are also welcome and accepted.

How are we going to celebrate, CJ? Not every cat gets a 17th birthday. That's quite a feat. Just think, one more year and you can vote. Oh my gosh, that's rad.

Sorry to just throw up some pictures of my kitteh, but work/life is keeping me busy these days. Plus it's football season... and the State Fair... and it's the fall - my favorite season. The Arboretum is FULL of pumpkins. And I'm in planning mode for my annual NYC trip in just over a week. I can't wait! Oh yeah, and my meatloaf's done. Laytah.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Better watch out

I had another one of my utterly insane mornings today, so when afternoon rolled around, I got out to get some air. Air being, hanging out in Joann's. I had to pick up some size 8 DPNs, but then the magazine rack called to me as always. (Speaking of magazines, OMG Gourmet! Every time a great one like that goes down, my heart dies a little. Sigh.)

The November/December Crochet Today was out. I've never bought this mag in the past (I lean Interweave), but goodness, how cute is this stuff? And you know how much I love the Christmas. I know it's early, but we knitters and crocheters need to start planning now. The holidays will be here before you know it (if you're lucky).

I die. Honestly are these stockings not the cutest? I'm gonna make 'em, I am. Maybe not before Christmas, but they're on the list. It's gonna happen.

A little ripple blanket for your tree! Whee! Truth be told, I have a tree skirt I adore already, but this'll be a good pattern to have for when I someday move into a home with enough room for two trees. And one of them will be one of those antique silver ones. Oh it'll happen. All I need is a dining room. Or a study. Right now, I ain't working with much.

I want to start crocheting more ornaments. They make good gifts and will help me improve my amigurumi skillz. Kyuuto!

In these days of dying mags, kudos to Crochet Today for having me at hello with this issue. I love the styling of this cover and the retro theme. It's all so very BL, as we used to say. (Right Amy?) That's another one that bit the dust. Sigh. Hang on, you crazy magazine kids!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late summer color

I feel like I've totally missed the window on posting about peach cobbler since it's October for crying out loud. But if you're a good girl like me and froze you some, you can still make this with fresh(ish) peaches. Or you can make the recipe with frozen peaches from the store, too. I've done that and it's very nearly just as tasty.

So yeah, these are the peaches I was obsessed with from the Farmer's Market. Did I mention those? No, that was the okra, these are the peaches. This was the real reason I was there three weekends in a row. I hit the same booth every time. If I remember correctly, the sign says they were grown in Canton. They were a bit small (always a good sign I think) and were sweet as sugar and I was like a crack addict coming back for more. Yum.

My mom made peach cobbler a lot when I was growing up. And it was served with a blop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top. Always, always. Oh yum. Usually I'm all for reinventing recipes from scratch, a la banana pudding, but there are some things you don't mess with. Banana nut bread is one of them. And peach cobbler is another. So I make it, as my mother did, with Bisquick. Don't knock it.

Take about four cups of sliced peaches. I peel the skins off too. Toss them in a pot with a wee bit of water and some sugar if you need it (if your peaches are super-sweet, you might not) and put it on low heat. Plus I like to pile in some cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. No idea how much - do it to your taste. The original well-weathered recipe from my mom's cookbook called for a #2 can of peaches, though mom usually made this with fresh. So when I make that peach mixture, I'm aiming to heat it just long enough to get the same amount of peach-to-syrup ratio as that fabled #2 can of peaches.

Set your oven to 350 degrees (or whatever setting achieves this temperature, as is the case with my crap-box). Then mix 1 cup of Bisquick (fo sho), 1/2 cup of sugar, and 3/4 cup of milk. Meanwhile, toss 3/4 of a stick of butter into a casserole dish and pop it into the pre-heating oven until it melts. Don't let it burn!

The next part is key. Pour the batter in first, then add your peaches and syrup, spooned in delicately on top. Now, as the batter bakes and rises, it's going to soak up a lot of that yummy peach syrup. Oh yeah, and the gobs of butter. It goes in looking like a hot mess, but comes out like this after about 40-45 minutes:

Serve with ice cream if you please. In fact, I'd highly recommend it, because if you don't, you might be insulting its southern sensibility. Heaven forbid.