Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Amanda,

Remember how during the summer, you were able to just spritz a little styling spray in me, scrunch, and let me air dry? And all day you'd look sorta beachy and carefree and cute? Well I don't know if it's the change in weather or your new haircut or what, but it just ain't working anymore. When you wake up late and attempt the air dry hairdo, you look like a hobo. Please stop.

Your hair

Bummer. I guess summer really is over when I can no longer pull off the carefree summer girl hairdo. Now what?

New York, baby. New York.

Photo by Joseph O. Holmes, spotted on 20x200. I'm so tempted to buy a print. Isn't it gorgeous?

Oh fair city! I'm off to see it in just a couple days. And also eat it. Like nobody's business. Hello Shake Shack, hello Il Bambino, hello (original) Original Ray's, hello delicious coffee and confections, oh my. Hello H&M, hello P.S. 1, hello smelly subway, I missed you! Whatever shall I wear (elastic waistband perhaps)?? Whatever shall I pack? Apparently, a heat styling tool is in order. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, I am working frantically to attach some fringe to a scarf for a special someone who's traveling up to see me via bus from Philly while I'm in the big city. I mean, that's devotion.


lauren said...

I would never miss an opportunity to see you!

Elizabeth A. said...

Have a great time! :)