Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's right, you're not from Texas

A good friend is coming to visit this weekend from my New York years, and she's never been to Texas before. For some reason, I'm a bit anxious about it. I desperately want the state to put on its best face: perfect weather, gracious welcome, easy hospitality. I'm looking for a Willie Nelson-like welcome. Yep, that's my favorite side of the state, I'd say. The Willie side. I think that's a side she'd appreciate.

I mean, what's not to like? Sure sure, we're a red state, but let's look at the good side here. I mean, we all like a good beer, yes?

Well, except for me of course. I'd prefer a margarita. But I'm a little odd like that. And we all likes deh football.

Speaking of, I heard a hullabaloo honked today (and the responding "whoop") in Uptown Dallas. Weird. That's right, Dallas can has it too.

We love big open skies. And cows.

And speaking of the cows, we love Whataburger. (Oh sorry vegetarian friends. We love you too.)

And BBQ. Yep, we heart the smoked meats.

Man, has she got an awesome weekend ahead of her or what? I really hope she likes it. After all, she likes me, and I'm from Texas. I'm tempted to make her a CD for the drive from Dallas down to Austin. A few tunes to get her in the mood. First track, naturally, would be this song..

That's right S, Texas wants you anyway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reason #506,182 why I love the internets

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat, is so cool, it's haunting Stephen Colbert's dreams.

This wasn't the only awesome part of Monday's The Daily Show. I also thoroughly enjoyed the "Be A F**king Person" segment immensely, as well as the "Barack Obama is Cliff Huxtable" bit. Why so late with this? I DVR and watch it later. Like, say, today at lunch, while eating an Amy's frozen meal on my couch.

In other awesome internets news, Chuck is back for another season (although short, and as a midseason replacement). But hey, we'll take it. Just don't make me eat a Subway sandwich while watching every episode, mmmkay?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wishin I had the money to buy..

After a day of digging through the sale racks at a few of my favorite stores, it's nice to think about what I would buy if I had the money. For example, I'm pretty obsessed with this bag right now:

It's a Steamer Bag from Billykirk, inspired by the old Louis Vuitton Steamer Bags, but I'd imagine much more affordable. Not enough, though, at $300. Maybe once I get my bumper fixed up, and my new glasses. And that Hoosier cabinet I've been dreaming of.. Yeah. I'll add it to the list. Maybe someday.

My love for it might have something to do with my obsession with mattress ticking. I have a cache of two different kinds of fabric: toile and mattress ticking. I'm nuts about both. Note my new camera strap, and the curtains I made for the storage space in my apartment in Astoria (which, I should note, now hang in my kitchen). So yeah, that could be part of the reason.

Also, when I was at the Main Street Arts Festival a few weeks ago, I discovered the pretty jewelry of Mary Darwall. She does crazy beautiful stuff with beads, all with this sort of ocean theme. Think pearls and coral and turquoise colors. Even the most affordable piece couldn't be justified at the time, though. It needs a mega-special occasion, as these are some serious statement necklaces.

Seems like there are some stores that carry her stuff, but probably the best thing to do is catch her at a local craft show like I did. I hope she comes to Main St. again next year. Maybe by then, I'll have saved a little dough.

I could see them working for a wedding. Like, maybe the one below with a simple, warm ivory-colored dress. At a fall or winter evening, black-tie wedding. Hrm. No, no, don't worry, I'm not projecting. It's not like anyone's ever asked. I think that comes first.

My neighbor just informed me that the For Rent sign seems to have been taken out of our front yard. i.e. maybe a tenant has been found for the two front apartments? This is a 4-plex, but it's been just the two of us - me upstairs and her downstairs in the two rear apartments - for the last 2 or 3 weeks. We'd sorta love to keep it that way. New neighbors can be good if say, it's a nice cute boy, but it can also be bad if say, it's a crazy person. We've got our fingers crossed for the former.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Put on a cheesy romantic movie

They were quite the pair back then, these sisters.

Still are now.

In the top photo, my mom is on the right, and in the bottom one, she's on the left. And next to her is one of a few excellent backup moms I have in my life, my Aunt Cynthia. I'm very lucky to have them. Especially these days, with my mom working overseas for the last 5 or so years.

I want to wish my mom, Aunt Cyn, and all my backup moms a very happy Mother's Day. Thank you for being there, for sending me sweet cards in the mail, taking me to art festivals, and for helping me pack up my apartment. I know my mom appreciates it a lot. She'd be here if she could but, you know, she's out doing her part to make the world a safer place. We're just holding down the fort.

I gotta post this tonight because my mom will be up for her morning in just a few hours, and she'll be heading to work. She's far away, but if she were here, I'd make her some coffee right when she wakes up. Some really good coffee and not those freeze-dried crystals she likes so much. Then I'd probably make that puffed pear pancake I made last time she was here. She seemed to like it a lot, and it makes the apartment smell all warm and cinnamon-y.

Then we'd sit around and watch that movie I recorded off of Lifetime (or was it the Hallmark Channel? Or maybe it was ABC Family?) a while back while CJ curls up between us. Something about a guy going back in time to stop the girl he loves now from marrying the wrong guy then. She'd love that. Then maybe we'd do a bit of shopping: go to Old Navy where I'd help her pick out a few new outfits, then to DSW to use that award coupon I got in the mail. Then out to an earlyish dinner of margaritas and Mexican food, where we'd order guacamole and make assumptions about our fellow diners. Yeah, I think she'd like that.

Rain check for June, mom?


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Ain't Working Out

Ohai Mayer Hawthorne.

How does someone who looks like this..

Sing like this?

I love this song.

Friday, May 1, 2009

100 Days

Just discovered the coolest job in the world. Pete Souza is the official White House photographer, and recently, a huge chunk of photos that he's taken over the president's first 100 days were uploaded to Flickr.

Do yourself a favor and go browse through them. Seriously. They are the coolest.

You might have seen this one already, taken on inauguration night. You'll notice Michelle figures prominently in most of my favorites shown here. Um, because I love her. But who doesn't?

Watching the Super Bowl at the Obamas' house, in 3-D of course.

This reminds me of a still shot of a scene from some beautiful, sweeping, romantic movie. The lighting makes me swoon.

Pete catches all these great moments and humanizing details. And sometimes it's just a hand gesturing or a view through a window or the president adjusting a colleague's tie or a tray of glasses waiting to be placed out for a cabinet meeting. It's all those little snippets that give you a sense of intimacy here. Oh to be set free in that house with a camera.

I can has President Obama bring me a birthday cake? That would definitely be the best day EVAR.

This one was taken in the U.S. Embassy in Prague. This photo makes me all sorts of happy. Make sure you click on these photos and then pull up the 'All Sizes' view. The large version is included for most of them, which is fun for picking out those awesome little details, like the "Babies for Obama" button she is wearing on her dress.

It looks like the White House photo stream on Flickr will be updated regularly from here going forward. Oh I hope so. Might I say, on behalf of America: Thanks for sharing Pete!

And now, in honor of the President's first 100 days in office, "100 Days, 100 Nights" by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.