Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reason #506,182 why I love the internets

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat, is so cool, it's haunting Stephen Colbert's dreams.

This wasn't the only awesome part of Monday's The Daily Show. I also thoroughly enjoyed the "Be A F**king Person" segment immensely, as well as the "Barack Obama is Cliff Huxtable" bit. Why so late with this? I DVR and watch it later. Like, say, today at lunch, while eating an Amy's frozen meal on my couch.

In other awesome internets news, Chuck is back for another season (although short, and as a midseason replacement). But hey, we'll take it. Just don't make me eat a Subway sandwich while watching every episode, mmmkay?

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Rana Royale said...

I love it when they crack each other up!