Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A swap

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments, on the blog, on Flickr, via email, etc. I expected it would be difficult, and the whole thing has lived up to those expectations. Time heals I suppose. But gosh, it ain't happening in a hurry.

So what do I do when times are tough? Craft. Craft away, kids. I just packed up my friendship bracelet for Amy's bracelet swap. She read my mind, she did. I'd just picked out some thread colors at my local craft store because I was itching to make one. I was planning to blog about my love affair with these signs of those summer camp days of yore. (You know how I love camp.)

Next thing I knew, friendship bracelets were everywhere, and Amy had this splendid idea to swap them with new friends. I can't wait to see the one my secret friend made for me!

Also on the crafting front, check out my couch, in my soon-to-be-no-longer living room. There's a new addition there! Long ago (perhaps you remember), I was going on about how I wanted to take this awesome horse sweater I bought in Estonia and turn it into a pillow. I also recognized my skills in this area were pretty darn lacking, and I really didn't want to ruin it in a failed pillow-making attempt.

Meanwhile I'd started reading Alli's lovely blog One Pearl Button and was oohing and aahing over her astounding transformational skills when it came to old thrifted sweaters. So we worked out a deal, so-to-speak. A crafty blog swap. Except that I was making a specific request of her (turn my sweater into a pillow!) and she suggested I just surprise her in return( ... !).

I'd been admiring the Granny Square Slippers pattern on the Purl Bee for some time (oh I just love the Bee), and since I'd made myself a different pair of crocheted slippers just last fall, I decided this would be a great opportunity to try out this pattern and create a fun swap present for Alli. Ta daa!

Don't worry Alli, I washed 'em before I sent them! You can't help but try them on. I gathered up some other goodies for her and put them all in the mail. (Of note, it's so easy to shop for someone when they have a blog!) And in return I got a super-spiffy pillow to add to my sofa.

Wow, thanks Alli! I love love love it.

Alright, who's next?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My boy

Ah, what do I say. My cat passed away June 3, 2010. I've had him for 17 and a half years. More than half my own life. I'm devastated but muddling through. It was time.

I was 12 when we brought CJ home. A tiny furry kitten from the Humane Society in Fort Worth. One of our earlier memories of him was that we were out in the backyard and decided to let him roam around out there. He was still quite small. He found a hole in the fence and immediately went into the neighbor's yard and came face to face with Acey, our neighbor's giant chow. It was a trip. I was screaming, Acey was barking, and my mom was attempting to scale the fence. The neighbors (very nice people) came out and handed the little kitten back over to us. He was shaken, but alright. Scared the pee right out of him. He was always a brave boy.

I left for college and he stayed with mom for those four years, then as soon as I got my first place in Austin after college, I brought him down to stay with me. He then journeyed with me to Brooklyn, Queens, back to Austin, and then to Dallas. He was huge and awesome. But as he got older, he got smaller and smaller. And sicker. And sweeter, I dare say. A total baby. We did a lot of snuggling this last year or so. I knew my days with him were numbered, and perhaps, so did he.

I did have to make the decision to put him to sleep, but it was time. I hated making that call. But when you know, you know. And he knew. Thankfully my mom was already planning to come visit, so she's been here with me.

I'm moving too. Wow. I'm moving! All this change is throwing me for a loop. I'm not moving far - just down the street - but it's a much better setup for me. It'll be weird settling into a new place without him. It'll be hard, but I'll manage. I think by the end of the summer, things will be much better all around, but these days, I feel quite heavy, quite sad. But I'll get by.

And now, some of his greatest hits..

In 1998, seeing me off to prom.

In 2004, Brooklyn.

In 2007, Astoria. Yay teeth!!

In 2008, looking fabulous. Still in Astoria (but not for long).

In 2009, Dallas. Miss you boy, xoxo.