Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm really excited about this sweater-into-pillow tutorial I found today. I wish it was even more detailed, but it gave me some great ideas, and more importantly, motivation. I have a wool sweater with a horse on it that I got in Estonia in 2004. I realized pretty quickly after I got home that I'd never wear it, but I have long planned to turn into a pillow. Surprisingly, I've never gotten around to it (please note sarcasm here).

Sometime last year - not long after buying a vintage framed needlepoint of a horse (I've got a thing for horses these days) - I pulled it out, shoved a pillow inside, tied the arms together in the back, and tossed it on the couch. You can kinda see it here, in this photo of CJ taking a catnap.

Using it in this fashion requires a lot of frequent adjusting, but at least I get to see it everyday. It's so cute. But I'll keep that tutorial in mind now, and perhaps make progress at some point soon. I like the button idea a lot. Maybe I can find some cute vintage ones... (and regarding the subject line, at least I'm being honest)

I could also do a whole other entry in "Stuff on Etsy I'd like to buy" here, with regards to the sweater tutorial-writer's etsy shop. I can't decide which of her cross-stitch pieces I love the most. Look how adorable they all look when arranged on a wall together. I've been wanting to do something like this with different fabrics, but I dare say this is even cuter (and a great deal more expensive).

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staceyvee said...

I would so give you five bucks to sport that sweater.