Saturday, May 24, 2008

Me? Me!

I digged making a Meme on Flickr the other day.

In fact, I just generally dig Flickr all-round. The combination of Flickr and a handful of friends from my old neighborhood Astoria (as well as a couple of non-neighborhood friends) has helped me to become, well.. I don't want to say amateur photographer. But it's created a situation where I've worked really hard to better document my world, and in doing so, improve my photo-taking (and Photoshop!) skillz.

Anywho, the original intent was to discuss my Meme. Someone had this idea where you'd create a mosaic based on doing a simple Flickr search using the answers to 11 questions. Pick one photo from the first page of results (usually a crazy, mixed bag of stuff), put it all together, and post/share it. Mine is above.

The first result was a search for my name. The second, for my favorite food, hummus. This is an obsession that came on while living in New York. The first really amazing hummus I had was at Hummus Place. Before that, I had no idea how good hummus could be. Now I try it everywhere. My own isn't half bad. And of course Sabra is mecca. Thank God I can find it at Central Market.

My third block (going left to right, top to bottom) was my high school. The fourth was my favorite color, blue. I LOVED the photo that came up, because my favorite color combo is blue and white. Fifth was celebrity crush. To be totally honest, this varies depending on what movie I've seen recently or who happens to be doing a lot of press at the moment. So my choice of Robert Downey Jr. makes sense (seen Iron Man? Drool.). But I've had an on-again, off-again celebrity crush on him since college.

Sixth was favorite drink. I went with latte - I usually have one every day, but not from Starbucks. I make them at home. When treating myself, I run over to Little City. Seventh was dream vacation. This used to be Tokyo - and that's still a place I'm desperate to visit - but when a friend showed me her photos from a trip to Greece a few years ago, I fell hard. Santorini sounds like a dream. Loads of blue and white and a town famous for its sunsets? Yes please.

Eighth is favorite desert: ice cream. This would have been favorite food had there not been a category set aside for sweet stuff. Ninth is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I said magazine editor. This pulled up some odd things on Flickr, but also a photo of Anna Wintour, so I went with that. Although I would not say I want to be Anna Wintour when I group up. Because that's a little scary. Tenth was what do you love most and I said family (awww). And eleventh was one word to describe yourself: loyal.

So this was a fun distraction to discover on Friday afternoon, when I wasn't feeling particularly productive and was doing my usual perusing of Flickr and Google Reader. That's also when I discovered that Shelterrific had linked to my blog in its end-of-week blogs roundup. Wow, that was exciting! Thanks you guys. I've never been linked to for anything by anyone, so my first one coming from a blog that I like so much made my day.

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