Monday, August 23, 2010

In season

August in Texas can be a beat down. A major b.e.a.t. d.o.w.n. Like ohmygosh can it get any hotter? Will it ever cool off again? Remember those beautiful snowy days? How can one place have such extreme seasons? (And hardly anything in between, mind you.)

(Granted, this was taken on the blacktop in the parking lot at my workplace at the hottest point of the day. The official high today was only 107. So.. yeah.)

So it seems, it's understandable that every year at about this time I start going crazy for the farmers market. Because if you can't beat the heat, you may as well enjoy the fruits of its labor.

And just like last year, I've taken to stalking the Canton peach stand at the Dallas Farmers Market. Also into my bag over the last few weeks has gone some tomatoes (okay, a lot of tomatoes), okra, blueberries, fresh corn, and cream peas - also known as lady peas (gonna cook those tomorrow). But most of all, lots and lots of peaches. I go crazy for them. Much the same way I used to go crazy for nectarines when I was younger. But you really can't find locally grown nectarines around here, and grocery store produce tastes like crap once you taste these peaches. So here we are. At the peach stand on Saturday morning. Like clockwork.

Posted my recipe for the cobbler last year. And this past weekend I made peach ice cream. I think the next batch of peaches I bring home will go into the freezer so I can relive the peach joy on a colder day.

I'll look at these pictures and remember days like these, and I'm telling you, I'll probably long for them. Days when I could hear the cicadas humming outside. When little dresses and flip flops and tank tops were the uniform of choice. You think? Hrm.. Maybe.

P.S. That's my view while I'm washing the dishes at the new place. Nice huh?

Enjoy some Sam Cooke, y'all.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey baby

I've been meaning to do this one for a while. Just how many small tots are running around in my life these days? A LOT. Most of which, I have had a chance to visit with this summer. One even came to visit me. Aren't I lucky!

I don't have any kids, not sure if I ever will, but with all these smiling faces in my life, I get my fixes on a regular basis. And then get to come home to a nice, quiet house. Yeah, it's the best of both worlds.

Jillian. Big sister. Happy-go-lucky gal pal. Niece.

Grant. Little brother. Strong arm. Sweet giggle. Nephew.

Suzy. World traveler. Great wit and loads of charm. Niece.

James. Bearer of the name. Defier of the odds. Cousin.

Anna. Life of the party. Girly girl. Sparkly. Friend.

William. Little brother. Funny boy. Easy to please. Friend.

Allie. Big sister. Knows what she wants. And how to get it. Friend.

Dominic. First born. Loves ceiling fans. Aggie. Friend.

So, you get my drift. Many thanks to my friends and relations for taking it upon themselves to grow the population of the world. These are some very good melons.

And before I go, you are listening to the new Arcade Fire album, aren't you? Cos if not, you better get on that.