Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artsy fartsy / fancy schmancy

When all you do these days is sit at your desk and work work work, if you're me, you take the opportunity to listen to lots of music. I'm a big fan of music while I work. That's sorta how I discovered the Baltimore band Beach House. Their new album Teen Dream is ever so good. It was just released this past Tuesday.

Not really a video here, just a weird picture of the two Beach House kids, but give it a listen.

In other news, winter's coming back around for an encore. I'm not really a fan, but one must get a proper dose so you have things to think about when it's 100 degrees during those steamy Texas summers.

Also of note, I saw August: Osage County this past weekend at the Winspear (that's it above) and it was amazing. The production seems to be touring about, so if they come to your town, try and catch it. And speaking of the Winspear, here are a couple more pictures of the Dallas Arts District that I took this past fall at the open house celebration for the Winspear and the Wyly. Yes, Dallas has Arts!

I have yet to see the crazy chandelier come out of the ceiling, despite visiting twice. Someday!

There are so many great plays and musicals coming through town that it's hard to pick out what your budget will allow. My friend and I very much want to see Wicked and Spring Awakening, which are both coming through this year. It's not New York, but I'm so glad I get to see cool stuff every now and again. Having some fancy-schmancy venues helps.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The busy season

Oh my gosh, no way you guys. Things have been so crazy 'round here! Because I haven't been blogging, here's what you may have missed:

-I decided to join a gym, but then couldn't decide which gym to join. Do I go with the cheap, giant fanciness that's farther from home, or the slightly more expensive, small basics that's closer?

-NBC took a shat on Conan O'Brien and didn't say they were sorry. I took it personally.

-My DVR deleted a bazillion hours of stuff I had every intention of watching cos, well, I wasn't watching it. So it overflowed. It was messy.

-Speaking of TV, I discovered that even though I have an old, non-fancy TV, I can watch the HD channels on cable and see the entire picture (albeit, a bit small and letter-boxed). Which is awesome, because now I can see everyone's faces, and that city the weather man is referring to when he points to the edge of the screen.

-I started my "busy season" in my "new" job which isn't really new but still feels new since this is my first "busy season." From what I can tell so far, the "busy season" lasts from January until May. Ouch.

-I made plans to go see Eddie Izzard tomorrow! It's on!! Do you have a flag?

-I joined a new book club and co-hosted my first book club gathering which involved cooking a meal for 10 people, which I'd never done before. Note to self: double the risotto recipe next time.

-College football season ended. And I got sad.

-But on the up-side, Chuck returned! YEAH!!

-I cleaned up my desk and hung some pictures on the walls. And now all I can do is think about moving.

-I started the first of three baby blankets for the three babies coming this spring. Because just about everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby. Which is awesome because baby showers are SO MUCH FUN. (Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City? My 30th birthday party is totally going to be an I Don't Have A Baby Shower!)

-Winter came to, and then left, north Texas. It's in the 60s now. And I am reminded why the weather here is so vastly superior to the weather in New York.

-I postponed my spring trip to Kenya until December. See above note re "busy season."

-I totally slacked off on the whole 'updating the blog' thing. That's a bummer.

Other than all that, I'm still single and the cat's still here and that's just about all I have to say about that.

P.S. - Remember this great deliberation? Best. Purchase. Ever.