Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The busy season

Oh my gosh, no way you guys. Things have been so crazy 'round here! Because I haven't been blogging, here's what you may have missed:

-I decided to join a gym, but then couldn't decide which gym to join. Do I go with the cheap, giant fanciness that's farther from home, or the slightly more expensive, small basics that's closer?

-NBC took a shat on Conan O'Brien and didn't say they were sorry. I took it personally.

-My DVR deleted a bazillion hours of stuff I had every intention of watching cos, well, I wasn't watching it. So it overflowed. It was messy.

-Speaking of TV, I discovered that even though I have an old, non-fancy TV, I can watch the HD channels on cable and see the entire picture (albeit, a bit small and letter-boxed). Which is awesome, because now I can see everyone's faces, and that city the weather man is referring to when he points to the edge of the screen.

-I started my "busy season" in my "new" job which isn't really new but still feels new since this is my first "busy season." From what I can tell so far, the "busy season" lasts from January until May. Ouch.

-I made plans to go see Eddie Izzard tomorrow! It's on!! Do you have a flag?

-I joined a new book club and co-hosted my first book club gathering which involved cooking a meal for 10 people, which I'd never done before. Note to self: double the risotto recipe next time.

-College football season ended. And I got sad.

-But on the up-side, Chuck returned! YEAH!!

-I cleaned up my desk and hung some pictures on the walls. And now all I can do is think about moving.

-I started the first of three baby blankets for the three babies coming this spring. Because just about everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby. Which is awesome because baby showers are SO MUCH FUN. (Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City? My 30th birthday party is totally going to be an I Don't Have A Baby Shower!)

-Winter came to, and then left, north Texas. It's in the 60s now. And I am reminded why the weather here is so vastly superior to the weather in New York.

-I postponed my spring trip to Kenya until December. See above note re "busy season."

-I totally slacked off on the whole 'updating the blog' thing. That's a bummer.

Other than all that, I'm still single and the cat's still here and that's just about all I have to say about that.

P.S. - Remember this great deliberation? Best. Purchase. Ever.


Elizabeth A. said...

JAM! How was the Izzard show?!

You've been busy - that was a good blog post. :)

Baby crib, high chair, and baby jumperoo arrived in the mail yesterday. You might be having a baby if... Wow. This is for real.

Michelle in BR said...

Glad you kept the boots!