Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bears and boys. And yarn.

In this week's edition of When I Have Lots of Money and a House to Decorate: That's right kids, it's polar bear wallpaper.

Shut the front door. I know, right? It's so perfect for me. I die.

Fall is hitting a nice, easy pace for me. Finally. I love this season and the progression of holidays. The football on the tele. The flash of a red tree against a gray sky. The smell of my house after I've been baking or cooking. The planning of your Christmas list. Sure there's a lot to get stressed about, but that would take all the fun out of it. So why do it?

I've been trying to find more time in my schedule to look at other people's blogs (perhaps should be spending more time updating my own, but oh well). And cataloging things I like on my pinterest (you're on there, right? it's such fun). And yes, still crocheting and knitting. Thank goodness for that.

This was my first commission project (thanks E)! Made for E's brother-in-law. E's husband liked the scarf so much (it was made for his brother), that I've been asked to make another one for his brother's partner. Awesome! I really hope they like them. It's hard to make scarves for people in Houston - too toasty down there. But I used this Rowan yarn called Summer Tweed, made with silk and cotton. I think it's the perfect weight and so yummy.

Oooh, this Auburn and Georgia game is quite the entertainment. And um, does anyone else have a crush on the Allstate Mayhem guy? aka Dennis from 30 Rock? aka Dean Winters? Anyone?

Okay, less hot there. But how can you not love Liz and Dennis?

That's better, right? I know, he's been in other shows too. I should investigate.