Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's right, you're not from Texas

A good friend is coming to visit this weekend from my New York years, and she's never been to Texas before. For some reason, I'm a bit anxious about it. I desperately want the state to put on its best face: perfect weather, gracious welcome, easy hospitality. I'm looking for a Willie Nelson-like welcome. Yep, that's my favorite side of the state, I'd say. The Willie side. I think that's a side she'd appreciate.

I mean, what's not to like? Sure sure, we're a red state, but let's look at the good side here. I mean, we all like a good beer, yes?

Well, except for me of course. I'd prefer a margarita. But I'm a little odd like that. And we all likes deh football.

Speaking of, I heard a hullabaloo honked today (and the responding "whoop") in Uptown Dallas. Weird. That's right, Dallas can has it too.

We love big open skies. And cows.

And speaking of the cows, we love Whataburger. (Oh sorry vegetarian friends. We love you too.)

And BBQ. Yep, we heart the smoked meats.

Man, has she got an awesome weekend ahead of her or what? I really hope she likes it. After all, she likes me, and I'm from Texas. I'm tempted to make her a CD for the drive from Dallas down to Austin. A few tunes to get her in the mood. First track, naturally, would be this song..

That's right S, Texas wants you anyway.


Elizabeth said...

oh hai. thanks for making me homesick (just kidding). Man, do I miss Whataburger.

Rana Royale said...

Awesome post, Amanda!

I actually experienced the same concerns years ago when a friend from the UK was coming to visit the US for the first time and chose me and Texas as her hosts, LOL!

We also drove from DFW to Austin, and I'm very pleased to say Texas did have its best face on that week. :-)

floozigrl said...

oh im sure i'll love it since i'll be with fine company! did i tell you i'm shooting to actually be banned from the entire state? let's see if we can't make it happen :)

see you tomorrow miss thing!!!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I was there to help you! So much showing non-Texans the state! YeeHaw! I got PJ's kid some awesome Texas onesies for the shower. No Texas baby should be w/o one!

MBQ said...

This makes me jealous. I want the vacation days fairy to visit me and give me some more, along with more money!