Tuesday, October 13, 2009

16 going on 17

Thursday is CJ's 17th birthday! Can you believe it?

What to get the cat that has everything? He would like cans of tuna or packs of Greenies cat treats. Monetary gifts are also welcome and accepted.

How are we going to celebrate, CJ? Not every cat gets a 17th birthday. That's quite a feat. Just think, one more year and you can vote. Oh my gosh, that's rad.

Sorry to just throw up some pictures of my kitteh, but work/life is keeping me busy these days. Plus it's football season... and the State Fair... and it's the fall - my favorite season. The Arboretum is FULL of pumpkins. And I'm in planning mode for my annual NYC trip in just over a week. I can't wait! Oh yeah, and my meatloaf's done. Laytah.


Karen said...

Please give our CJ a big birthday hug and kiss for me. What a prince! OOOXXX

lauren said...

happy birthday cj! i actually have some tuna i could send your way that i bought kitta marie. i found out my cats hate it, and you know eric and i aren't gonna eat it, ha.

megc said...

I love CJ! He is such a great kitty dude. Please give him a happy birthday hug and kiss from me and Marina!

murph said...

hello from NY! i'm a born and bred dallas girl who moved to NY 3 years ago and am itching to move to austin. anyhoozles, i happened upon your blog one day and just simply adore it.

happy late birfday to your handsome prince of a kitteh, CJ.