Monday, October 26, 2009

Be true to your school

First the story finally came out and it was like, Ahhh, gut punch. Did you need to have been there to read it and cry? If you weren't there, did you still read it and cry? I cried, but I'm a cry-baby (and I was there) so..

There's so much water under that bridge, but I just love Pam and loved working with her. And I think she did so right by the subject matter. So yeah, there's that.

Then there's this. Which I won't say much about because I have some friendships I'd like to maintain and everyone has bad weeks (like us last week) so what goes around comes around and whatnot but still...

..sometimes my school does me so proud. And that's all I have to say about that.


Tara said...

That story broke my heart. Gut punch is really how it felt, you're right. I like how the writer did it, they didn't try to tell the story, they let the people who were there (with the exception of a certain '72 Redpot who was not there and wasn't involved in that Bonfire) tell the story. Good job!

Elizabeth A. said...

I think you said just about all that was necessary. I didn't read all of the story yet, but I do like how Pam wrote it...or better yet, how she didn't try to interpret it, just let the students speak for themselves. It did spark a good conv. up between Tim and me. He worked on Bonfire, and I'm so happy for that. I love our Jack Daniels bottle full of ashes and tied with wire.

Elizabeth said...

I grew up in CS and saw many a bonfire. I'm reading the article now, at work, and crying.

This quote “No Aggie should have to be buried without his senior boots.” in particular gets to me because I know how much my dad loves his boots.