Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loving Bonnie

Have I ever mentioned my girl crush on Faye Dunaway circa Bonnie and Clyde? I haven't? Well let's get on that.

The hair, the clothes, the smoldering stare. I wish I could pull off this look. Lord knows I've tried. I've even taken this exact picture with me to the salon before. But there's not really so much of a hair-do here as there is an attitude. And a hat. And some pretty ridiculous bone structure.

Again with the hats. And then there's the necklace. And the slip. And the cigarette. It's all just perfect. Swoon.

The violence was a big deal in 1967. But even today, watching the final scene.. goodness gracious. Oh yeah, and that one scene where he shoots the banker guy hanging on the car. I mean really, the whole thing is pretty darn gory. Watch this one after the kiddies have gone to bed.

I've read they're remaking it with some young, fresh ingenue, but let's face it, she'll never be able to replace Faye. And why would you even want to try? The movie is still amazing, and attempting to get that look and that attitude just right.. there's just no way you'll ever get there. Plus don't even get me started on Warren Beatty. Shucks.


Run Lori Run said...

Yep, the remake just won't cut it. Faye in that movie of a kind.

AMH said...

Some things should just not be remade. That movie is one of them.