Monday, November 16, 2009

Day tripper

Oh goodness. Lookit me, such a slacker. Though not really, as having just come in from pilates, I'm feeling very much the hard worker rather than the lazy bum. At this time last week, I was hunting through leaves for my lost wallet (never found). Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase a quality wallet? I'd been using my last one (a Cole Haan) for probably 6 years. It still had many, many good years ahead of it--wasn't showing a bit of wear and tear. Ooof, that's a sad one, that loss.

Today (during my lunch break, of course) I was browsing around on the internet looking at Christmas cards and calendars. Normally I operate with a motley crew of gifted wall calendars, but this year I've got a list. I want all three and I'm close to buying them myself to ensure I get them all.

First for my desk at work, I'd like another ilee letterpress calendar. (Remember last year's? I've just loved it.)

It's another lovely one this year. She does such good work.

Next for the home office, this one of course. Oh the Charley Harper. I still don't have a print. Will the wall calendar scratch the itch? Oof, I guess time will tell. But wait. Yeah I still want the print.

Meanwhile, the calendar is a good bit cheaper. Somebody hook me up for reals. It's only $14.

And lastly, this one for the wall at work. I mean, I know we've been sucking hard lately (didn't I say it, everyone has their bad weeks?), but I still loves my old school. Gig 'em Ags.

And of course, my Moleskine. I pick one of these up every year.

If getting one of those fancy computer phones means my Moleskine planner becomes redundant, well then I don't want a fancy computer phone. Keep it away. I don't need it. Or the answer to that trivia question right this instant. Let's just sit and ponder for a while. Right? Don't you miss that? But I digress.

So add to the calendars, the new wallet, the new camera lens, and now I've got a hankering for a new radio for my bedroom (a long-standing passionate desire to own a Tivoli Model Two). But gosh, one must prioritize. I mean, I gotta buy gifts for other people now. You know, Santa Claus and ho-ho-ho, and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls. And all that stuff.

Do you have a favorite planner or calendar you buy every year? Or do you just wait to see what catches your eye? Sharing is caring.


Emerson Merrick said...

Oh god, i've been coveting a tivoli radio forever. But sadly, my box radio works fine and i have too much of a conscience to spend so much money on a stupid RADIO, for god sakes.

AT said...

Don't introduce reason into it, Amy. That's a bummer. It's a PRETTY radio and has lovely sound, so it MUST be worth it.

megc said...

It has amazing sound, the Tivoli radio. I've wanted one for years. Such a gorgeous thing.