Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The one where I discover Charley Harper

Going through some blog backlog today, I discovered this entry on the Purl Bee about the arrival of the Charley Harper needlepoint canvases at the store. My those look nifty, I thought, maybe if I just google Charley Harper....OH MY GOODNESS.

Good thing it was a slow day at work cos I was just consumed with all things Charley Harper for a good thirty minutes. I mean, I sorta want all of these prints. All of them. Well okay, the one above, Upside Downside, is probably my favorite. I got a birthday coming up in a couple months and all. I'm just sayin'.

You know I had to find a polar bear one. Isn't it to die for? It's called Scary Scenario, although I'd much prefer he had called it something like Bestest Friends Ever. This one costs more than the Fryes, so it's out of the question. Sigh.

Mr. Harper did have a way with giving his works the most clever titles. The one above is called Last Sunflower Seed. Bwah! I love it.

I adore this one, called Gregarious Grosbeak, and it's one of his works that's been converted to needlepoint. They sell it at Purl but are currently sold out. If I had it though, I'd totes pick up doing needlepoint again. I haven't done it in ages, but I'm certain I'd be quick to remember. Seems like everyone in the world's mom taught them to sew as a child, but my mom was less on the sewing and more on the needlepoint when I was growing up. Wouldn't you agree mom? I can remember her teaching me how to do this and really enjoying it. And then I didn't so much miss the sewing bit.

I love how they're very modern, mid-century feeling, but still have this folksy vibe about them. They're quirky and charming and heavy on the birds and cats and dogs and raccoons and owls and I must have one. I must. This one is called Birch Bark & Birds.

Thankfully many of his prints, originals, lithographs, etc. are available for purchase. Do yourself a favor and go browse through them - I love them all so much I just can't stand it. They also have calendars. Maybe I'll treat myself to one later this year..

Charley Harper: Bam. Add it to the wish list.


Nicole said...

I of course found the ladybug prints. Love them.

Elizabeth A. said...

I think I like Octoberama and Box Seat. Very cute. :) I'm bored too.