Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cover models

I was just reading about this book Chicle the other day, and though the idea of a book all about the history of gum is fascinating, what really grabbed me was its cover.

Oh my gosh, isn't it amazing? I want it blown up to poster size and put on my wall. It's SO GOOD. It didn't take much searching to find its designer, David Drummond. He even has a blog where he chronicles his book designing exploits, sharing his covers and some insight into their creation and what inspired them.

It's not something one usually thinks about, is it? Book cover design? This one was great. According to David, "The only stipulation was that concept had to feature a cigarette prominently." Naturally.

He also does some book catalog design. I love this image. Thanks for sharing your work with us David!

As for the boots, yes I decided to keep them, I was a little worried about how much I'd be able to wear them, what with my new work dress code (no jeans), but I'll just stock up on more skirts and corduroys for the fall. Plus, as several people pointed out, these are Fryes and will last forever. Anyway, I'm going to use the freelance paycheck I've got coming to me to pay for them. I deserve some sort of treat for cranking out those two projects. They were so not fun and at the time I would have much preferred to be doing something else. So in exchange: boots.

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