Monday, August 24, 2009


It is the nature of North Texas that one will have some wicked storms from time to time. I generally enjoy the excitement of them, although lately they just cause me stress. Like knocking out my power for a day or two, or frying my computer.

At least that's my theory why my laptop Devlin wasn't working Friday evening, because we had this wicked storm Friday morning and I was so startled by one particular bolt of lightning that I got out of bed and went sniffing about for smoke. And poor Dev, he won't even turn on. I'm worried that everything on the hard drive is gone. Oh sigh.

(Taken back in my Astoria apartment.)

So no fun blog posts from me this week, unless I can squeeze it in during work (like I'm doing this one), but that will be highly unlikely. I took him in to the Apple Store and they've shipped him off to some repair facility. It's one thing to be without a computer when you're on a beach for a week or something. I mean, I get that. That's nice. But during an average week, when I'm itching to get some photo editing done.. well that's just a bummer.

But I'm hoping to use my time really wisely this week. I've deemed it "Home Improvement/Clear Off The DVR Week." Also, "Make Peach Cobbler Week." And I'll tell you all about it when I finally get back on the interwebs. How exciting that will be!

And yes, I name my electronics - more specifically, my computer and iPod - after characters from old movies. If you can tell me what film Devlin comes from, I will buy you a cupcake. Trivia!


Nicole said...


brandi said...

devlin is from Notorious! iiiiiii looooooove caaaary graaaaaant. and also hitchcock.


i will take that cupcake whenever.

Elizabeth A. said...

Let's not forget that the camera has a name too. :) Liz. Yay.

AT said...

You guys got it! Nicole, next time we go to Sprinkles, you can has cupcake. And Bran, in lieu of cupcake, you will get a hand-knit scarf. Which is like 3/4 done. Yay!

And yes, Elizabeth, how could I forget! Liz is also named after a character from an old movie. A photographer at that.

Julia from Dozen Flours said...

Oh no fair! I was wrong anyway -- I thought maybe it was named after the guitar manufacturer.

I name stuff all the time and everyone thinks I'm nuts. I have a pink ultra-fleece bathrobe I call Stevie Wonder and my new stand mixer is called Stella Ruby (she's so pretty!) I also name my son's freckles on occasion too.

penelope said...

that WAS a crazy storm! it blew a strange, yet-to-be identified box off the second story of our house.