Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Babies and tunes

Oh my GOSH. How are you bloggy-blog? I've missed you. I'm having some rare, stellar moment at work when things aren't piled upon my desk, and though it makes me suspicious, I just had to take the opportunity to say hi.

I wish I had more interesting things to share. Mostly I just mine about looking for new music. Here's the latest song (and band) that's on repeat in the ol' noggin.

It's a band called Local Natives and the song is "Airplanes." I might go see 'em when they come through town in April.

Hrm, what else. Crocheting and knitting as usual. I've completed two of my three scheduled spring baby blankets (for my three spring babies). Here's the first who came along, and his accompanying blanket. His name is Grant and he's my nephew!

Blanket suits him I think. Isn't he handsome? In a cute infant sorta way? Baby number two may come along today or tomorrow - mom is at the hospital as I type! Wish I could be there. And the last will be along in about a month. Woo!

I've got other projects completed and in-the-works, but you know me and the photo editing. I'm not even going to talk about the state of my DVR. But at this stage in life, I'm not one to consider a busy life anything but a blessing. Ya know?

Gave up sweets for Lent again. Always a good idea, though I had a few moments of weakness which I may or may not have succumb to. But now that I get to indulge guilt-free come Sunday, I think I need to make a cobbler with that last bag of peaches in the freezer. Also went and saw a lady about a Hoosier yesterday (you remember me and that obsession, right?). It's a craigslist find, and I'm still debating the decision. I will say that it would be much easier if I had a man and a truck at my disposal. But then again, wouldn't everything?


Elizabeth A. said...

Yay for a new baby! He's cute. My cousin's wife had a baby yesterday! A little girl.

Looking forward to going home early today - long week (even though it's short).

I don't know how you give up sweets - chocolate is hard enough.

Hurry up and show everyone MY blanket!..or I guess baby's blanket. :)

SJ said...

he is so friggen adorable! and the blanket is fantastic. nice work!