Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stamp of Approval: Spring

Oh my gosh, just realized I am coming dangerously close to ending March without a blog post! That would just not do. So what the hell have I been up to this whole, long month??

My plans to get all up on the internet during Spring Break, with photo editing and catching up on blogs, etc., were a bit derailed with a freelance project. But that = money so hey, I'm not complaining. And gosh, the weather was just so nice that week too. Mom came up the latter part of the week and we went to the 'retum to see the Dallas Blooms festival in all its glory. And, apparently, so did all of Dallas. It was so pretty though. Somehow last year I missed the cherry blossoms, but not this year.

So fluffy and white! Don't let those crowds keep you away, folks. Go down and park at Gaston and Garland and ride the bus like the cool kids do.

What else... the Kenya photo editing continues at its lovely snail's pace.

This is my new computer wallpaper. I know I know, it sucks that I'm so slow posting them, and it kinda makes the reveal super anticlimactic. But I rather enjoy the editing process, I find. And I'm getting to relive every inch of the trip, bit by bit. It's like my version of making a scrapbook.

Also in March, I became obsessed with this show.

Okay, that's a publicity photo, all in character and official and stuff.

Oooh, that's better. I love these three! As a dear friend wrote, "The 3 leads are great, esp. Russell Tovey's ears." And yeah, there's a US version of Being Human, but of course I've sworn loyalty to the UK version (and the Brit jonesing continues). Get on over to BBC America and set those DVRs. Or better yet, start from the beginning on DVD. It has the Amanda Stamp of Approval (TM).

Speaking of my Stamp of Approval, March also saw me start listening to the new Lykke Li album, which includes this awesome song.

What's going on in that video? It's not very spring-like with all that snow. And of course she can't catch him in those shoes, what was she thinking? Good grief. But on a warm day, with the sunroof open and blasting from the speakers... trust me, it works.

Okay, I think that's just about all the fun the month of March can handle. Mmmmokay, maybe a little more.

There you go. Happy spring, y'all!


Elizabeth said...

I love the American version of Being Human.

AMH said...

This blog post has the Amanda stamp of approval. Looks like season 3 of Being Human will be out on dvd May 3rd; just added to queue :)

If you're in the mood for some BBC miniseries, I suggest Little Dorrit: Matthew MacFayden and Russell Tovey, among many other all stars.