Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fan girl

Three down, one more traveling weekend to go. Gah! My plants (and my pocketbook) have suffered tremendously, but otherwise I am doing A-OK, and having loads of fun.

Case in point.

What is going on with my hair there?? But really, Philly was a blast. It helped that a cool front came through the day I arrived, so Lauren and I had splendid weather to work with. By the time I got up to NYC, it was drippy hot again (as in, you just drip sweat). Bleh. But I made the most of it and had a great time.

Harry Potter was brilliant, and I continue to be a total 15-year-old fan girl over Matthew Lewis. That's Neville for those not in the know. He went from this...

To this...

Is that amazing, or is that amazing? I mean, I think it's simply amazing. What a handsome bloke. He's 22, so a bit young for me. But really, omg you guys, it's NEVILLE! I gotta say, it took a while for the shock to wear off. Yet another reason for me to move to the UK. Also, I really need to go see that movie again.

And re Amy Winehouse. With all her issues, I'm not sure we would have ever gotten another album out of her. But obviously, now we know for certain we won't. I've been listening to Back to Black a lot since I heard of her death. But this original demo of "Love is a Losing Game" is the one song of hers that gets played the most on my iPod. Such a beautiful voice.

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