Friday, March 28, 2008

Ordering a sandwich - ur doin it wrong.

I went to ThunderCloud Subs for lunch today - the first time in five years or so. I'm not sure that they're the world's greatest sandwich or anything, but they're an Austin institution, and I'd missed 'em.

So I left the office at lunch to go rent a couple of DVDs I needed to watch for a story I'm checking, and I spot a ThunderCloud not far from where I work. I'd never been to this particular location but no worries, right? What could be different? Well the whole ordering process. Apparently, you order and pay, and then there are like four sandwich-making stations that you then walk up to and tell the sandwich-maker what you'd ordered (and then you can get it all customized).

But of course I didn't know that and I floundered for a bit until someone had to tell me how to get my sandwich. Times like that I'm so glad I'm a girl, because then I can giggle and get this big smile on my face and be flirty and no one has the heart to laugh at you. Hooray for feminine wiles.

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andie said...

mmmm Thundercloud Subs. It has been at least10 years since i had one...I used to get one with avacado and sprouts. Man now i want one....198 miles from Plano to Round Rock...gas at 3.70 a that would be an expensive sandwich!!