Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Verrazano

It was one of those words that was terribly fun to say, once you learned how to say it. "The Verrrrr-az-AN-o". We drove over it on February 29 - that kicked off the long drive from New York to Texas that I made when I moved back to Austin.

In that car, there was:
-my mom, who had come to help me pack
-my brother, who had come to pick us up and take me as far as his house in Virginia
-my cat, who was howling in the backseat
-a box of pastries from the San Antonio Bakery on Astoria Boulevard, which we stopped at for some lunch
-some clothes and such to get me through the next couple of weeks
-my Tord Boontje light.

The rest of my belongings were on a moving van that would sit in Brooklyn for another week before leaving for Texas. (But I digress.)

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