Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stuffed up

Happy spring! Well okay, still a couple weeks away or so. You wouldn't know, it's so warm here in Dallas. Just look at the hedges outside my building!

Look at all that happy new growth coming in! To celebrate the arrival of spring, I would like to has these, pls. Kthx.

Hrm, what else is new? I'm back from Chicago. I have a cold (brought back from Chicago). While there, I observed the one-year anniversary of my departure from New York. I've been gone a year. How sad. Luckily I was able to comfort myself by being in, well, Chicago. While I was standing on a train platform in the freezing cold, I could easily blur my eyes and pretend I was looking out over Astoria. Indeed I could.

Despite being a cold, cloudy, miserable several days weather-wise, I liked the windy city v. much. Just like New York but a good bit friendlier. And the hot dogs, oh, the hot dogs. In fact, they could have themselves a new citizen, but there's this whole winter problem that I wouldn't be able to handle. Winters up there are much worse than the ones in New York, and I could barely handle those. So they should really look into fixing that. Set the whole city up in a bubble half the year or something.

Oh, did you see I finally finished my Santa Lucia dolls? From the kit I bought from Alicia nearly a year and a half ago? Aren't they fine?

They're meant for the holiday season, but I work slow. I wish I had more time to make things like that. It was loads of fun. Especially painting their little faces. I hadn't picked up a paint brush, save to paint a wall or piece of furniture, since my high school art class days. Not too bad I think. Although the mouths on a few of them are a little shaky. Do you remember Phil Hartman on SNL dressed up as the German cross-dresser on the dating game show, with red lipstick smeared all over his face? I feel like that's a little of what happened here. They are girls though. Maybe they're not experts with the lipstick just yet.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm due to go blow my nose for the 983492837th time today.


Jen said...

Love the blog and love the dolls! So cute. We're all stuffed up here, too. No fun!

Elizabeth A. said...

Very cute. I'm sure they will be very happy in su casa.
Yay for Chicago. Still never been there. Maybe I'll go in the summer in some years to come. The lakes are so huge!!! Welcome home. Feel better soon. Stuffy noses are poo.