Friday, March 20, 2009

Update, briefly

1. I'm currently listening to this song:

2. I caved on the Wayfarers.

3. I managed to scrape even more paint off bumper. Makes repairing it seem less appealing if I am such a putz. (Although to my credit, it appears antique store employees did this while trying to cram chair into trunk in Round Rock last weekend. End result: FAIL. I returned home sans chair.)

4. I am seeing Andrew Bird this Sunday. I will tell him you said hello.

5. It is nearly spring and snowing in New York, which reminds me that this is the time of year when the winter depression would hit me the hardest up there. High today in Dallas = 72. WIN.

6. I got my FSA card for vision expenses, so will probably order contacts next week.

7. I want to go to this concert but don't have the vacation time. Why on a Tuesday? Why why??

8. I am participating in first March Madness college basketball bracket with coworkers. Suddenly understand what all the fuss is about. Of note, Barack Obama and I both have UNC as winner of championship. So if I lose, I will be in excellent company.

9. I am working on this baby hoodie for one of my many pregnant friends. Obvs with different color scheme. Just say no to hot pink for babies. They have sensitive eyes.

10. Starting to get some photos from Chicago up! Swing night at the Green Mill was fabulous.

Now if only could finish writing the story. On that note.. back to work!!


Taylor said...

It's actually been really nice here! It's been in the 50s & 60s for the past couple weeks.

That said, 72 degrees still totally wins.

Have fun at Andrew Bird! Last time I saw him, he played in his socks.

Elizabeth said...

I am loving this song.

Elizabeth said...

Have you heard his song Crosses? That one is on heavy rotation on my iPod.

brandi said...

oh yay! jose gonzalez! i saw him play in nova scotia last summer while visiting my friend sara. he is quite stunning live. and handsome.

have fun with andrew! <3. chicago is proud of him, but also misses him!

can't wait to see your chicago story!

AMH said...

Yup. He takes off his shoes. Say hello to the Sock Monkey too. He's adorable.

Yay for the FSA! I still have the goods here should you need them. Just never got a chance to find a box to ship.

tierd said...

Great song! You broaden my horizons :) And I love the hoodie, and totally agree on the saying no to hot pink for infants.