Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C'est moi

Did you ever have one of these done when you were young?

I never did. At least not that I could recall. So when I was at the Dallas Arboretum in May to sign up to volunteer (an awesome gig, I should add -- I highly recommend it), and I saw a lady with a table set up selling her silhouette sketching services, I walked right up and put down my money. Only midway through did I realize it'd make an awesome Mother's Day gift.

I think I look like I'm 8 years old in that picture, rather than 28. I think that's exactly how my hair looked at that age too. And as her next client was rolled up in a stroller, I had no shame. Even grownups should have a silhouette done. Go do it.

Speaking of me, me, me, next we go to diaries. I got one of my final publishing job-related freebie goodies in the mail last week. I'm definitely gonna miss those.

My Keel's Simple Diary is white. I probably would have chosen blue or green, but receivers of freebies can't be choosers.

I've missed having a diary. My last one is dated to my college years. About a year ago, I pulled it out and found it to be the funniest thing I'd read in ages. Honestly, it's a riot. This one is a little more restrained. Some simple questions, thought-provoking prompts, and you're done. Just the simple continuity of it feels nice. I dig it.

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Elizabeth A. said...

Maybe that's what special about a silhouette; they never get out of date. I think it's very nice. I've always wanted a caricature done. Maybe someday...

I, too, have read my journal from years ago - it's super funny. I should delve into the one from junior high when I was dying to start wearing a bra and become a "woman". Seriously. :)