Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoe Love

Ever since the spring, every time I go into a DSW, I find these shoes, and I pet them. I think they're fabulous.

Unfortunately, they're also $300 (or at least they were - they may have made it down to $200 by now). Too rich for my blood. Surely by the time they are in my price range, there will be only size 9's or 6's left and so it will never be.

But last time I saw them a couple weeks ago, I tried them on and took a picture so I'd have something to remember them by. If I owned them, I would rock them like nobody's business this weekend. Cos, you know. It's 4th of July. Oh yeah, and they're Marc by Marc Jacobs, in case you're curious.

Instead I probably won't be rocking anything this weekend. Just sporting headphones to block out my rowdy neighbors and their firework popping. And reading. Just the kind of three-day weekend I'm craving right now. My new job is going well, but June's been a rather busy month, and I'm due for some quiet R&R. And some baking. Any requests?


lauren said...

1. i am glad you provided an explanation for the shoes. i saw them on flickr and loved them.
2. if they do get in your price range, and they are in a size 9, go ahead and purchase them for me. i promise i will love you forever.
3. i am not going to request you bake anything because you make amazing things and i won't be around to eat it. so there.

Elizabeth said...

I didn't even know they had shoes that expensive at DSW. They sort of remind me of Wonder Woman.

Barb said...

Oh man, I am loving those shoes!