Saturday, September 12, 2009

Semi-hormonal football geek-out

A rainy Saturday, so I have no reason to feel bad about sitting on my couch all day, crocheting, knitting, and watching my beloved college football. I'm such a bum today, I didn't go to pilates this morning. And I wanna bake brownies, but don't feel up for running to the store for some eggs. I'm mean, I'm just completely slumming it. Whatevs.

You might recall last fall's "which team has the hottest quarterback" poll. Almost all of the contenders are back this year, and to replace USC's Sanchez, Pete Carroll has brought us freshman Matt Barkley. Jeeze, Pete. What do you do, recruit based on looks??

Not that I'm complaining. And I guess if that tactic ain't broke, don't fix it. Sanchez did you well. Even got himself a cheesy GQ fashion spread with a hot supermodel when he split with one year of eligibility left to head to the NFL.

Good grief dude, have you no self respect? I'm officially over him. But Mr. Barkley is quite a cute one. Jury is still out on whether the idea of starting a true freshman at quarterback will turn out to be a giant FAIL idea. Good luck kiddo!

It also sorta made my day to see the Herbstreit boys on College Gameday this morning. They're so adorable, all blonde-haired and blue-eyed just like their dad. Sweet.

Okay, I'll stop my semi-hormonal football geek-out now. Anyone wanna fetch me a carton of eggs?


Tara said...

WOW! Both those QBs are hotties. The freshman is much more a cute boy next door. I could see you with him...make lots of cute blonde haired babies. ;)

Speaking of blondes...does Herbie have a cloning machine? Geez, 4 boys that look just like him! That was too cute!

Elizabeth said...

That Matt kid is cute enough to make me want to watch football....even if he is half my age!

Elizabeth A. said...

Let's remember that the USC quarterback is 18! Gosh, they just keep getting younger and younger... I do like the blondies though. Makes you wonder how much Mark got paid to do the spread. When I was 21 I would've liked the money they're throwing at him too. Can't blame the kid. :)