Monday, October 6, 2008

This coffee shop is noisy

I had to get out of my apartment today because they're re-doing the roof of my building. All this is still part of the recovery from that giant thunderstorm in May that blew over one of the chimneys and, oh yeah, blew out my living room window sending rain, hail, and shards of glass all over nearly every square foot of my 588 square foot apartment.

Oh football, how I love thee. You've got to allow me some blog space to make a fuss. First of all, due to an extremely early morning on Saturday, I passed out in the afternoon and slept through nearly all of the Vandy-Auburn game. Thank goodness I caught the end. "And the nerds shall inherit the turf." I just love it when the underdogs win.

Also, everyone is getting into such a lather over the Texas-OU game this coming weekend. Me too I suppose. But geeze, I was like, can we finish going over this weekend's games before you guys go cuckoo over next weekend's? And really, have either of these teams played a worthy opponent so far this season? Do they deserve those rankings? I guess we're about to find out. PS, who is the hottest QB?

OU's Sam Bradford

or UT's Colt McCoy?

The correct answer is neither. Really it comes down to these two:

USC's Mark Sanchez

or Florida's Tim Tebow?

Yeah, Tim's got the advantage of loads of cute kids piled on and around him in this photo. How sweet. But he needs the assistance since he's up against Sanchez who is knock-down hot. Please bear in mind I'm not a fan of either team. This is based on cuteness factor only. Please register your votes below.

Did I miss anyone? Make your opinion known. Chase Daniel was ruled out because his neck is just a little too thick.

On an unrelated, yet probably more interesting note, is it wrong that these little hair feather doodads are becoming less appealing to me because Kenley from Project Runway wears them all the time? Because, you know, she tends to come across as really obnoxious.

And one last thing. I know Ike is in the rearview for most of us, but I just recently came across this clip on YouTube. Gotta love those folks who are like, "Hey, there are going to be loads of camera crews on the beach. This is the perfect time to debut my new bear suit!"

All our love to ya Galveston. You're a special, special place.


Tara said...

No Aggie QB in the running?

Nicole said...

Well, I'm partial to Stephen McGee. You know alma mater love and all. But of Bradford and McCoy -- gotta go with Bradford because at least he looks smart(er). I think Tebow is ugly, but the USC guy is pretty cute.

mamacita said...

That video almost makes the hurricane worth it.

mamacita said...

Oh, and I still love the hair feather doodad. But I also still love Kinley, so don't mind me.

Elizabeth A. said...

Colt does nothing for me...and I don't think it's because he wears orange. He just looks so puny. I don't know what it is. Of the 4 I'd have to go with Tebow...of course I'm looking beyond the raw features. I'm going for good-guy looks too. This is why I like Payton too (and not the better looking Brady) - he's smart and nice. Yay. Maybe if Tannehill at A&M gets a few years on him, he'll be good lookin'.
Tim and I laughed at that video. Awesome.

AMH said...

I'd have to go with...well either of the bottom. OU has too much testosterone/jawline and forehead acne, colt looks like a cliche tsip, and agreed mr. missouri's neck is entirely too large for his teeny tiny head. But no one's really stood out to me this season.

Elizabeth said...

None of those guys do it for me. Probably because I'm at least 12 years old than them.

You asked me on my blog why I'm leaving Austin....because the job was right and I've lived in Texas my whole life and want to live somewhere else for a while.

ps...I liked those hair things too until I saw Kenley wearing them all the dang time. Now I just want to stomp her.

Nicole said...

I must register a complaint for the dissing Daniel on behalf of my Southlake Carroll alum sister and Bradford on behalf of my OU alum sister. Check out the Kansas QB, Todd Reesing (he's from Austin).