Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sappy much?

It was while watching this video this afternoon that it finally clicked. This could really happen.

I do try to not linger too much on politics here. Except for Palin and her polar bear issues. Because really, that's wrong. But all that aside. All of it. Realizing that someone might become president that you would be proud of - and I mean really, truly proud of - well, it's quite a revelation when you get that feeling for the first time. For many people of my generation and younger (define that how you will - I'm 28), this is probably a first for them too.

Suddenly you don't give a crap about what state the economy is in. You don't give a crap about the nuances of the issues. Or about the fact that you're unemployed in a recession. Someone you believe in, who you trust, might become president? I don't know. Maybe it's just been a really long eight years, but, I mean, I started to cry. What a baby.

I know everyone who's reading this is planning to vote, so I won't even remind you to do so. But really though. Please vote. I know you will. And think about the future of this country when you do. All things are possible when people have hope. Okay, now I'm even making myself nauseous. What's next.

One of my favorite etsy shops is having a sale, but the shirt I really want is full price on their main site.

This would help to make my life complete. But you know I'm not much of a fan of squirrels. They dig up the potted plants on my balcony and just wreak general havoc. But maybe if one could be trained to play the snare drum.. well, we could work something out.

That would look good on a onesie too, right? Yeah, they do that.

They put this one on shirts and onesies too. Love it.

Write it down here.

This little phone makes me happy. His face kinda reminds me of Meatwad and his little snaggletooth. (And if you get that reference, you are cooler than I thought.) Anyway, send this card to someone you're missing lately.

Okay, off to go, well, get some work done. That was the plan for the afternoon but instead I've been getting sappy over videos and hand-washing some new yarn developments. And oh yeah, blogging. Total time-sucker.


Ellen said...

And a 106-year-old nun agrees with you. If she's voting, what excuse do the rest of have?

Mona said...

Hey... got your link from Bean and Noodle... Stacey and I worked together years ago in the hotbed of politics... DC!
thanks for the giggle re your conversation about folksy etc, Paula Dean with your Mom... I totally lol'd

Just in case you haven't read it yet...

started by some lovely ladies in NY. I really think we might win this year... the comments are from all over the country....

Did you see the interview with Larry King and Michelle Obama last week?.... think he is awesome? Let's just say HE MARRIED UP!!!!!! She gave me chills so many times, and about 20 minutes in I was just this side of bawling she's so awesome!

Ever hang out with someone that, well you know that they are on a whole different plane than you? Not that they aren't accessible, they are, but that they are walking with a grace and a beauty that inspires you? makes you want to be better? she's awesome, and I totally got that from her.... through the TV for cryin out loud!

I'm having people over that night.... sharp implements will be locked up, tissues out.... and ready to roll...

I'd say come by... but I'm in Salem Oregon.. bout 50 miles south of Portland...

thanks for the giggles...

I can see you getting a job soon... I can feel it!
many blessings, Mona