Friday, October 10, 2008

Hiding out in the abbey

Did you know that October is Adopt-a-Dog month? The Austin Humane Society is reducing their adoption fees to celebrate. If you live nearby and have been thinking about getting a pup, go in and take a look. And if you've been thinking of adopting a cat, there are some cuties of the feline variety in there too. Don't discriminate, that's what I say.

I just started volunteering at the animal shelter again and I love it so. I was a regular there when I lived here 5 years ago and have been waiting all summer for the schedule of weekend jaunts and settling in to quiet down before returning to my old habits. Which I have.

Being back there hasn't helped my recent anguish re the possibility of leaving Austin. Yes it's true. The possibility is out there. My strongest job nibbles right now are out-of-town. In Texas still, but not here. Which is hard considering I wanted so badly not just to return to Texas, but to return specifically to Austin. I love this town. But I have just had really crappy job success here. As in none. So we'll see. Perhaps I am meant to be just a regular person, a la Theo Huxtable.

Isn't that just the best few minutes of television the world has ever seen? I think so.

Anyway, I sorta feel like Maria and Austin is the abbey and the reverend mother's all, "You have to go find your life!" and I'm all, "I don't want to go!" And I left and then I came back and then I might be forced to leave again. (Um, yeah, I wasn't kidding about that Julie Andrews worship before.) It's just so hard, being torn like that.

Plus I adore my apartment. It's lovely and quiet (if a bit expensive). I took that photo above while sitting at my desk - yes, that's what I see all day. Not bad. Oh well, wait to worry, as my ma would say. As of right now, I haven't gotten a single job offer from anybody, so why get all worked up.

But really, go visit a shelter and adopt a pet right now. This one worked out.

On the topic of Susie Homemaker (that's me), not too long ago, I made this Rosemary Flatbread from Gourmet (via Smitten Kitchen). It's the perfect way to use up some of my crazy little rosemary plant. It's the only plant I haven't almost killed this summer. It's such a good little plant. Get those fresh herbs while you can, winter is coming!

I made this first batch to go with one of my favorite soups - Spiced Chickpea soup. It needs a good bread, or flatbread as it were, to go with it. Now I want to make more, just for nibbling purposes. You could really just sit and eat this stuff, as if it were a bag of potato chips. I kept sneaking a piece as I walked by the kitchen. It calls to you like that.

Okay, I better get to bed. I've got gobs of stuff to do tomorrow, so no sleeping in like I did today. But seriously, it was the first morning this whole week that either an alarm or roofers didn't wake me up at the crack of dawn. So I think I earned it.


MBQ said...

Don't stay in Texas if it's not Austin, just come back here! And bring me some of that yummy looking flatbread.

Elizabeth A. said...

Well, maybe no news is good news for now. The law school needs to get off it's a$$ and give you the job, so that you can stay in Austin. Dummies. Glad you got back to the shelter. Pet a kitty for me! :)