Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I consider this and just about every Taco Bell commercial I've ever seen to be interchangeable. Which is probably why I never eat there. Gross.

Oh and sorry mom. You probably won't be able to watch this. She wasn't able to watch the Cosby clip either. It's that whole surfing the web from Belgium thing. Bummer, ma.

Okay, we gotta talk music for a bit. I was so happy to get a music infusion thanks to a birthday-related Amazon gift certificate. I still like to buy CDs instead of just getting stuff off iTunes. It makes me feel special. And I always get several at a time and then listen to them one at a time, until I get tired of it. Then I open the next one. This can take weeks, which makes the purchase last months. Which is great, esp if you're poor. Like me! :):):):) Yay, poor!

But a week or so into the first CD, I discovered LaLa and it is my new best friend. Basically you can listen to any of the songs (or whole albums if you like) one time for free before buying it, and can buy it for super cheap (10 cents) to listen to it on the web all you like. Then if you want to buy it buy it like regular mp3s, you can do so for about the same price as iTunes. But probably without those crazy restrictions like you can only place this on 5 computers and burn it x many times blah blah.

Anyway, sometimes a song gets into your head so bad and you're listening to it on youtube or whatever and finally you cave and buy it on iTunes. Well, on LaLa, you can do that for 10 cents and then just get it completely out of your system. A week or so ago, it was this Belle & Sebastian song for me. Could not stop listening. Oh, and the video is hilarious.

Then a few days later, it was this one. Ben Folds + Regina Spektor = Bliss. That video is a little weird. Okay a lot weird, but Ben and I go way back so I hold nothing against him. And Regina took over my friend Natalie's lease when they moved out of their upper west side apartment, so we're practically BFFs, right? I mean, I spent a lot of time in that apartment.

Then I explored some more of Ben's new album and came across this one. Oh gee, that song is just swell. As for the video.. well, he's definitely one for theatrics that Mr. Folds. The version of the song that plays here is a little different from the regular album version. So if you like it, check out the regular version, please. It's a little less fancy. Which I like. I listened to the rest of the album but was kinda "eh" on it. But those two songs are gold.

Anyway, I went and put 'em on my LaLa and - did I mention the first 50 "web songs" are free? - now I can listen to them as I sit at my desk all day and try to pass the time. Cos that's mostly what I do these days. Pass time. Make quick trips to the print-n-copy and the post office to put together packets of writing samples or fax applications or W-9s or whatever. And at night I watch tele. It's an exciting life.

Today is twofer-Tuesday at Double Dave's so in a little while I think I'm going to go out and pick up some of these.

It's like two meals for $4.50. Three meals if I practice restraint. Which is hard. Yum.


Elizabeth said...

a) I love Ben Folds and
b) I love Double Dave's. I ate them all the time when I lived in College Station but have not had in years. I think I must procure some for dinner tonight as I can not leave Texas without eating pep'roni rolls one last time.

Sara Christine said...

Ooo I'm liking the Ben Folds/Regina Spektor collaboration. Awesome song.