Monday, April 21, 2008

Exclamations, funfversations

Baby birds! Outside my window! Well only one I can see. Mom is sitting on them still, but I see a little head pop out here and there. I'll try and take a picture of them in the morning when the light's better. But the view is mostly obscured no matter what the light because of the totally leafy fig tree.

Jetta cards! I got these in the mail today. It's some stupid conversation card game, but aren't they cute? This is why I buy Volkswagens. Because they do stupid stuff like send you cards with Jettas printed all over them. I love it. Thanks VW!

Tonight is Muster for Aggies 'round the world, but I'm skipping out because Gossip Girl is back from writers' strike hiatus and I no longer have DVR. No need to make me feel bad, I have the bad-Ag guilt. But oh how I love Gossip Girl. Speaking of, I better run. It's on in 10 minutes.

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