Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No internets

CJ on the toylet. Via my flickr.

So I noticed last weekend, all of a sudden, that the wireless signal I was picking up got significantly weaker. As in, zero. This was troubling as I had to do taxes on Sunday so I ended up doing them sitting on the corner of my balcony, occasionally stopping to stand and tilt the laptop perilously from side to side in this sad, awkward attempt to re-connect to the signal. Thankfully, the taxes got done. New York City took all my money. Ha! Get it while you can suckers, cos I'm gone now.

So that's why no fun blog entries lately, because then work has been quite busy so I'm not able to do them at work (like I'm doing now, but it's a quiet morning, and I'm going to make this quick). My fun discovery of last weekend, though, was "Videogame Hour Live", a TV show on the local UT student station (also known as TSTV). As an A&M grad, I shouldn't be enjoying this channel, but a TV station run entirely by college students promises fun viewing for those of all ages and collegiate backgrounds. Since I have rabbit ears on my TV and live nearish to campus, I get it 24/7 and it's always fun to see what they're cooking up over there.

"Videogame Hour Live" is my favorite show so far. It consists of three guys sitting around and playing video games. There might be a "news" segment at the beginning of the show too, but this other part is the best. It's as if you were hanging out with some guys and watching them play video games. All you're missing is a half-eaten pizza. What could be better than that? They also answer an occasionally ringing phone, often with the reply, "No, you suck!" Quality programming. I give it two thumbs up.

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