Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last quiet Saturday

This'll be my last quiet Saturday for a while, so I'm torn between savoring it or being productive with it. Is there a middle ground? So far it's been mostly ill-used (sleeping in, reading, tinkering with new cell phone, listening to the Fleet Foxes and lawn mowers, blogging). Perhaps there's hope for me yet.

I got these embroidery patterns at a vintage shop last weekend while running around town with friends N and G, who were visiting for the day. They were looking for furniture and I was looking for ways to waste my money. Embroidery is on that list of crafts I'm set to learn "soon", like knitting. So far, though, I'm still consuming all of my crafty time with crochet. In particular on a blanket for N's baby due in June.

But I've got plans for the embroidery, eventually. I even have a how-to book. At least that was a freebie. But aren't these patterns cute? I'll put them aside with Alicia's dishtowel patterns. And someday I will be awash in embroidered dishtowels. Someday.

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Mary T. said...

These are the COOLEST