Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Houses, halls and oates.

I have a big fat soft spot for Hall and Oates. I just needed to admit that right now.

I also have a crush on this house.

I think it's just the way things go that when you have no money, and no leads at the moment of ever making any ever again and will likely be a ward of your family and the government indefinitely, that you start to get crushes on $1.445 million houses.

There was a story in the Statesman about it recently. About how it was built in 1910 and how all those years it has only had two owners. Well, three, if you want to include the woman who bought it last year and renovated it. According to the article, she didn't change the footprint of the house or move any walls, kept its longleaf pine floors, beautiful leaded glass windows, tile floors and cast iron tubs, and brick fireplace in the living room.

Of course everything else was updated. Plumbing, electric, heating and A/C, etc. Plus added surround sound and all that fun stuff. But all that aside, the most painful part of this crush is that the house is a block away from my apartment. In fact, were it not for all the mature, leafy trees, I could probably see it from my balcony. Or at least see the big, beautiful blue house that sits next door to it, whose paint job I have long admired. That one is just kitty-corner from my building. And this one is just on the other side of it. It would be an easy move-in..

What a dream. Great neighborhood too, if I do say so myself. Except for the hair of closeness to the university, and the mix-in of condo-type buildings (like I live in), and others converted to apartments. Which resulted in the late-night party on Saturday night just across the street from us. And the evidence in the morning of the scattered array of red plastic cups on the driveway. Aw man, I miss those parties.

Hope you're havin' a good Wednesday.

6 comments: said...

I too, love me some blue-eyed soul. That house is gorgeous!

floozigrl said...

thats the type of house i could live forever in :) wanna go halfsies???

Taylor said...

HELL YES H2O! I saw them in Seattle a couple years ago. So good. Although they didn't play "You Make My Dreams," which was a total bummer.

Courtney said...

nothing wrong with those loves of yours! This house is just perfect.

Elizabeth said...

oh my god. I love that house.

Tara said...

I ADORE old homes. They have so much more character than the new ones that get thrown up so easily, especially in Texas.