Friday, September 26, 2008

I has a bank - noo they be stealin mah bank!

No bank. Not as of last night. Okay so no job (check), no bank (check). Looking sorta bleak these days. Oh wait! I just checked and my unemployment funds came through. YAY!! Okay, that provided happy feelings for about 30 seconds. Then I remembered these are unemployment funds. Sigh.

But cheer up bitties, because tomorrow is College Football Saturday! And you, sad little unemployed girl, have a ticket to a game at your alma mater on Saturday afternoon! Hooray! So tomorrow morning I hop in the car and drive east a little ways and then get to root, root, root for the home team. Until about halfway through when they start really bombing (they're not so great these days), at which point I will start craving a sports bar something fierce, so I can switch over to a game that's a little more exciting.

Kinda like I did last weekend. How 'bout that LSU-Auburn game?? I love when they come down to the wire like that. Sweet. Speaking of, did I really miss that Oregon State-USC game last night? WTF? How did I miss that game? Oh right, because I never would have thought to watch that. I mean, it's USC. They beat everyone. Man, do I love upsets. Wish I had watched that one. Well I guess maybe there's hope for my team after all, then, if the Beavers can take down the Trojans.

Okay enough football. Today's subject is now.. clothes! Wha?

For five years while I was in New York, I was always having to squeeze in visits to The Limited when I was out of town. I had shopped there since I was in high school and suddenly there were NO Limited stores nearby. So then I move back to Austin, and finally they open their online shop. Ta daa! Um, thanks.

There's not a ton in there, but they're adding more. As I type, it seems. And maybe it'll be like J. Crew where I can raid their sales online. Speaking of J. Crew, they have a chiffon trim cardi, much like J. Crew has right now, except at the bargain price of $27.65! Way to shop for a bargain, girls. The economy is not in a good place right now. Save your nickels.

Seriously, though, I've had some major brand loyalty to The Limited for easily 10 to 15 years now. They're very consistent. Back in high school I was all over the Limited and Express. Now, I can't even go into Express stores anymore cos the music is too loud (makes me sound like an old lady, but it's true). Plus all the pictures of the models look like they want to kill me.

Okay, much to do before I leave tomorrow for the game, then around town to visit friends in Houston before coming back on Monday night. Must pack. And cook those collard greens in the fridge so they don't go bad while I'm gone. That'll be my debate activity.

One last thing. There are these shorts that it seems like every girl on the UT campus is wearing these days. Seriously, you drive up Guadalupe, and every fourth girl has em on, in various colors. So I get on the interwebs. They're Nike Tempo track shorts. How did these become such a fad? Are they some sort of uniform?

Oh, I see. Jessica wore 'em. Now I get it. If you're in your late teens or early 20s and wear these shorts, please stop. Or buy another pair of track shorts. You look like a lemming.


Elizabeth said...

I love that first dress and the gray sweater!

Those shorts don't seem like they would be flattering to most lemmings.

AMH said...

I too, am now bankless. And I just switched barely a month ago! This is why I can't buy that place. Boooo. But, at least other things turned up :-)

Oh and have fun at the game. And BTHO Army...please?