Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I heart blogs

I just finished reading this story in The New York Times about Stephanie Nielson and her family. What a wonderful article. Certainly I'd heard about what happened to her before now. Lots of blogs I read have mentioned it and encouraged helping her family in any way we can. But seeing a story like this in The New York Times for pete's sake. Well, that's saying something. I mean, does that blow anyone else away? That it's gotten this big?

And I love that the story is also about the connections people make through blogs. How people find other people out there in the webs, and those people influence and inspire them, and then, of course, that leads to a connection. A strong one at that. I mean, think about it. What is a blog, really, but a glorified diary? And if you were reading someone's diary for a month or a year or even more, wouldn't you feel like you knew them - their mind, their heart - so very well?

I didn't read Stephanie Nielson's blog, so this hasn't affected me as strongly as it has others, but I can certainly think of some people out there who, if something happened to them, it would affect me. And I have never met these people.

The only reason I even crochet (and now knit!) today is because of Alicia Paulson and her blog. I have drawn a huge amount of inspiration and comfort from her, as do many. Not to mention an obsession with steel cut oats and the color pink. I've been reading her blog for about a year and a half now and have introduced her, in a way, to many others. Her book is out this fall and I am just itching to buy it. Can't wait.

And in planning for my trip to NYC this weekend, I literally pulled up Jessica Schroeder's blog What I Wore and went back and forth from my computer to my closet, trying to think of outfit ideas. That's her above. I love that she is incredibly stylish and cute and yet, her style isn't out of reach. I've watched her How to Tie a Scarf video like five times. Similar to the Sartorialist, she gives me ideas, but in a more attainable way. And for someone who used to absorb the streets of New York as if it was my own personal fashion show, her blog has been a nice way to fill that void.

Speaking of New York, tomorrow will be trip-planning mania. The freelance bits keep coming (thank you thank you!), so I am still not out from under that stress cloud. Won't be, really, until I have a job and stuff. Know that feeling you get when a weight just lifts off of your shoulders? It's awesome. I'm looking forward to it. So, New York here I come. I have scheduled every second of this trip to try and work in time with all my friends up there who I miss in just the most severe way. Hopefully without shirking my bridesmaid duties too badly. I am just so thrilled to see everyone. Plus the weather looks like it will be glorious. And I'll be escaping Ike and his potential wrath.

P.S. My pick of the John Derian Target collection is this one:

When does that stuff go on sale again? Do we know? I know I'm unemployed and all, but $6 ain't gonna break the bank or nuthin'.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also started knitting after reading so many great knitting blogs.

stacey said...

I have also been a long time fan of Alicia's blog and can remember just sobbing (audibly) when her dog Audrey passed away. I felt so sad for someone I'd never met. It's funny how we grow to love bloggers' pets too. This whole blog world is quite a connection.

Have great fun in New York... I'm jealous.

Courtney said...

So so true - this community is a tight knit little group and I love how everyone came together for Nie. So very sweet and encouraging!

Have a ball in the Big Apple!

AMH said...

and I heart you ;-P

Have fun!

Amy Elizabeth said...

Hurray for cheap John Derian. A scary thought, really, how many melamine plates do I really even have space for?