Thursday, November 20, 2008

Channeling Sasha Fierce

Is there any way to listen to this song without dancing to it? No really, I'm being serious. Please share your tips. Because when people walk by the cubicle and I'm doing the hand wag, it gets a little awkward.

What would the world be like without Beyonce? Really awful I think. I listen to her music and then think, "Yeah, I'm single!" and am, like, happy about it.

Dear Beyonce aka Sasha,

I heart u 4-eva.

A Single Lady

Meanwhile, as I was googling around for an image for this post (since I can't embed the video, WTF), I came across this image and felt it needed to be on my blog just for the sake of being awesome.

Happy Thursday!


Sara Christine said...

Those legs of hers just won't STOP! Love this song. Love Beyonce.

Nicole said...
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AT said...

Oh honey, that's Tom Selleck (in all his glory). Magnum P.I.!!

Elizabeth said...

Love this song so much. Did you see the send up of this video on SNL, with Justin Timberlake? It was pretty funny.

AMH said...

I prefer this version of the video: