Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I was (discreetly) catching up on some blogs today at work and got such a pleasant surprise, if a bit late. A photo of CJ won an honorable mention spot in Erika's dog photo contest! Yeah, I know, CJ's a cat, but cats were allowed to enter too. And CJ was the only cat to make the cut. He rocks!! I was so proud.

There were soooo many cute entrants. She put together a slide show of all of them - it went on forever, just one adorable dog and puppy photo after another, with a kitty thrown in here and there. I really am excited that my boy was in that top tier. What a bad ass. He's being very modest about it, of course. He gets some Greenies tonight fo sho.

Oh, and here's the picture. I didn't have to think twice of which one to send. I love this photo of him.

So one thing I'll say about Erika, other than that I love her blog, is that she's a huge proponent of adopting rescue/shelter animals, as am I. In fact, I recently bought this stamp to just put on the back of whatever's going into the mail these days.

It's from my new favorite etsy stamp store. You know me and the stamps. RubberHedgehog's area of expertise is animals. (They've also got a non-etsy store.) So of course you know what kind of stamp I was looking for that brought me to their shop. Uh huh, hello Christmas cards!!

I'd been trying to find a polar bear stamp and knew this one was it. Also purchased, for my sweet 7-year-old niece, is this adorable bookplate stamp.

It's going into her Christmas present, along with some Ramona books. I hope she loves them as much as I did. I also bought a hot pink ink pad for her. Nothing but the best for my pretty girl.

One last tidbit here before I go - what can you say about this photo? What can you not say? Just look at them.

1. I love the dress. Poor Laura's there in this frumpy brown thing and there's Michelle, a vision in perfectly tailored red. FYI it was made by her go-to girl, Chicago designer Maria Pinto.
2. This image says volumes about the years to come, doesn't it? The Obamas are just so young and modern and elegant and fresh and everything that the weary Bushes are not. Change is good. Change is so good.


Nicole said...

Want to know what's funny? I totally saw CJ's picture in the slide show a while back and it didn't even register that it was your boy. Congrats on getting runner-up. That is a great picture of him.

floozigrl said...

oh i'm so proud of cj!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of CJ too!! He is such a good boy and a real trooper for putting up with us all these years. What a prince.

Sara Christine said...

That is such a fabulous shot of your cat! Kudos to you (and CJ!). :)

Elizabeth A. said...

CJ is the bomb.com. :) I remember this picture of him. I think any number of photos you have of him could win...it's that debonair look of his that does it.

And, the other picture...makes you wonder what 8 years in office will do to Barack's hair. You know he's gonna go gray pretty quickly. Michelle will still look good, I think. :) Laura is totally frump - that's just sad. Whoever told her to wear that/designed it needs to be fired.

How's the j.o.b.?

MBQ said...

Oh my goodness he is so handsome! Lovely photo, lady.

dayna said...

Thank goodness for this blog. It lets me catch up on your life!! It's a fun read!!

Miss ya girl!!