Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting a little Bob Barker on ya.

I'm web/blog surfing.


But $60? It's so small! This has something to do with the fact that this lady is in the UK and I am not, yes? Because they now use dollars to wipe their bums? Yes, I'm sure that's what it is. $30 would make much more sense, which when you do the math...

For groceries? You are the coolest if you walk out of Whole Foods with this bag full of gourmet cheese.

Hmmm, YES. I would rock this on my car.. if I had one of those cars with like fifty stickers on it.

Fo reals. I am a BIG fan of the lolcats.

Thanks Stacey for turning me onto (and Elements of Style for reminding me of how cool it is) the fabulous website Obey the Pure Breed, which is where those last three came from. Thankfully there are non-pure breed options there (mostly in the vein of lolcat stuff) for those of us who prefer mutts/mixed breeds from the local animal shelter because we would rather save one of their lives than buy an animal from a person who breeds them for profit-- but, er, I should really get off that soap box now. It's an opinion, you know. Just do me a favor and spay and neuter your pets. Meanwhile, someone I know really needs that "I poop rainbows" onesie for their baby.

And now, here is the original lolcat (and shelter cat). My dude.

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and will return Monday. Not that four days without a posting from me is reason to cause alarm or anything but, you know, have a good weekend and stuff!


Stacey said...

Wow, that shopping bag is so the coolest of all. And Willard? Can't wait to see him. Have a great time this weekend too.

Courtney said...

Safe travels and have a great weekend! This post was great...and I love that darling cat!!

Amy Elizabeth said...

Sheesh, what a pretty cat!

berryberr said...

Just stumbled into your blog. Interesting blog here...I'll be following it from now on! And the stuff r nice!!