Monday, August 18, 2008

Listening to..

Yeah, it's the Target commercial song. I watch that commercial and think wistfully, "I wish decorating my dorm room had been that much fun..."

Really, I could do without the oiled-up, close-in, booty shaking shots. Basically, it looks like an issue of Maxim set to music. So just do what I do which is hit play, then switch to another tab in the browser. And then try not to tap your toe.

Do you have a picture of how you decorated your dorm room? I do. I'll bust it out if you bust out yours. Mine is really embarrassing. C'mon, someone take the bet. If you had good taste in college, then I salute you - I sure didn't.


Tara said...

Chambray comforter, pink accents...I was rockin' it. Oy. Kids today don't know how good they have it.

stacey said...

No picture, but I'll try to paint one for you... batik bedspread, wax dripped chianti bottles, I painted "my" wall with a celestial, planetary motif, replete with a verse from Joni Mitchell's "Judgement of the Moon and Stars" Embarrassing, sure, I mean it was Humboldt State University for crying out loud.

I had to pay for repainting my wall.

Elizabeth A. said...

You know, it would be a lot easier to post pictures, if back in 1998 there were digital cameras. I have pictures - in albums. Remember my bright primary color plaid comforter? Oh yeah. Really didn't have the decorator touch going, b/c I had nothing, and I didn't have a roommate that painted every wall a different color. :)