Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waiting for it

I think everyone's already seen these prints - now booklets - from OrangeBeautiful. I put a little star by them recently, and then, upon revisiting them today, realized they seem now very appropriate for my current situation.

I know, I'm working on it.

I will, soon. How much time is one really allowed? It's fine for now, but once the sympathy trains roll out of the station - and they will roll - then what?

Yeah, I'm still waiting for that surge. Like, okay, I'm ready to take on the world. I do love that surge. Meanwhile, I don't know. Those are my three favorite words these days. "What are you going to do?" I don't know. I do appreciate the comments from you guys though. Really sweet of you.

So, plans for the rest of my life, I'm still pretty iffy on. But as for right now, I'm still maintaining a modicum of activity. For example, I am..

-reading Ladies and Gentleman, The Bronx is Burning. Holy cow, so good. It's the history/non-fiction lover in me coming out, I guess. And New York lover.

-organizing all my recipes into a binder. I'd started this project a month or so ago in earnest, and then, as goes many things, the work tapered off. I need to create some really cute outside cover for the binder, so it doesn't look like office supply.

-trying to talk myself into working on my resume. That's going to be fun.

-planning new temporary career of buying things and then selling them on eBay..? I can really see that going well. (please note sarcasm) I can at least enjoy going to a few estate sales in the meantime.

-still avoiding well-meaning coworkers. I just can't deal with that. Am hoping plan to sneak into the office late tonight to fetch my stuff works out.

-snuggling with the kitty. He is near constant companion, and very sympathetic.

-attempting to discern the meaning of life. This girl looks like she's got a handle on it. All one needs to do is don bikini and smile.


Nicole said...

My friend Christine sells used books on Amazon and turns a pretty penny. Just a thought. And I said last night, just give me a call when you are ready to talk.

Tara said...

I tried the buying and selling on Ebay thing. The fees eat you alive. Seriously. There are other ways to sell. There's a vintage section on Etsy. Look into that before you look into Ebay.

I saw "The Bronx is Burning" when it was on ESPN (I think it may have been last summer). I really enjoyed it. Combined 2 of my favorite things, baseball and history. :)

Amanda said...

You could always do a bake sale. People pay good money to eat culinary delights such as yours. I'm just sayin. And you know I'm always around. Phone or email, whenever you need it.

MBQ said...

I ate a cake one week. Basically by myself. So I say you're allowed to wallow until you're not anymore, which I promise will happen. And, I second the Etsy thing. I luuuurve that place.

Amy Elizabeth said...

Seeing as i've been a "lady of leisure" for far too long, I say eat brownies for a month or so.....

Then start to look for a job like it's your job. 8 hours a day. Boy, it sucks, but it works.