Monday, August 4, 2008

Hair salon + time machine

I need a haircut. I'm really envious of Courtney, heading off to New York for a haircut. I miss LV (my own version of Corvette), but not that much. I'm heading up there in mid-September, but I don't think the hair can wait. So I asked the girl at work with the cutest hair who she goes to. Now I just need to make an appointment. And decide what I want done.

What are the odds I can go in looking like I do now, and come out looking like this?

You know... with a little bit of this.

And some of this sprinkled in.

And then I'd walk outside, looking just like this.

Well, maybe sans coat. It's a bit toasty out these days. But the rest of it, yes. What would it take to transform me into Francoise Hardy? Hrm.. I dunno. But I do know bangs are out. I tried that once in high school, and it turned out really ugly. Ruined my senior pictures. I'm not sure I can suffer through that again, despite my adoration for Mlle Hardy.

I'll just sit here and listen to her sing and wait for inspiration to strike. Thanks YouTube.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

thanks so much for the mention and I LOVE her hair!!! I'd fly to Egypt to have my hair look that good :)