Friday, August 15, 2008

I love it when...

...I hear strains of the national anthem coming from the other room. It means we're kicking some ass. RAWK.

This thing is part of what's keeping me sane.

It's my first knitting project ever. A scarf. Coming along nicely, no? I'm alternating between this and a crochet project that I'm not at liberty to discuss here. Yeah, so we'll just leave it at that.

I also watched The Outsiders last night. You ever seen that movie? So good. And so many handsome boys who have become even more handsome men... Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, and that kook Tom Cruise. I also busted out my old videotape of Speed. Are we noticing a trend here? Hey, if it works, it works.

I'm also waiting for Netflix to deliver disc 2 of season 1 of Mad Men. Sometimes Netflix gets my movie and turns it around in like a day and sometimes it takes forever. And, you know, I've got time to kill these days. When you don't have cable, your TV watching options are limited. --Oh.. just looked at their site - they're having issues this week. Well I guess that makes two of us.

Today I stopped into this huge estate sale to test out that buying and selling things theory (picture above wasn't taken there, but it works). I didn't find anything, but I did come out majorly depressed. As if I'm not already. But no really, this was truly the saddest. Scrapbooks from the 40s full of pictures of high school friends, ribbons and newspaper clippings all labeled with handwritten notes. Football game programs preserved and placed in plastic sleeves. Carefully compiled photo albums dating back to the 20s. Piles of discarded old family photos and portraits. Stacks of hand-written recipes and other favorites clipped out of newspapers and shoved into boxes. Just a whole mess of things that I couldn't believe were marked with price tags and up for the taking.

Maybe I'm too nostalgic, but I would give anything to have items like that from my grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. (A-E, that stash you have is such a treasure.) It just broke my heart. The whole mess of it did. I thought of buying up one of the scrapbooks, or one of the stacks - but they were just ridiculously expensive. Like $100. And for what? You're really going to put a price on memories at that point, when you've already decided they're not of any value to the family anymore (and aren't those the people they should be most valuable to)? Just doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Whole thing reminded me of when Alicia found those letters at the estate sale, and shared them with us. I think they sorta got to her too.

So, anyway, how obvious is it that Bob Costas wears a toupee?

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Tara said...

I love Alicia's blog. I think it was the first one that got me hooked on blogs.

2nd, Costas wears a toupee??? Really? I never noticed. I'm not all that observant though. ;)