Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flip it.

Wah. Work has been really busy for me this week. We found out on Tuesday that a whole lot of stuff that we didn't think would need to be done by the end of this week, well, needed to be done by the end of this week. I'm hoping this means that next week will be really quiet. During which time I can catch up on reading everyone's blogs that I like to read. And take my cat to the vet. And obsess over the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, that would be good.

Oh Mark! My Marky Mark is gone (yes, this is what I call him). I miss him already. I love my little quirky Mark. I'm slightly less excited about the finale now. But it'll still be good. I want another one of those Tabitha and Napoleon lyrical hip-hop deals. Okay, I'm going to stop blathering on about reality TV now.

So my sister-in-law sent out some photos today of the kids and their new house overseas. Get a load of these mugs:

I mean, come on. The good news is, there is a whole lot of grandparent energy that can be put into those three and their seemingly unending cuteness. Which pretty much guarantees that there will never be any pressure on me to reproduce. Thanks bro! I already have plenty of societal pressures to partner up and make babies. I'm so glad none of that is coming from my parents.

Eh, what else. I am..

..learning how to knit.
..hitting my usual summer eating nostalgia disaster. At some point during the summer I seek out hot dogs, puffy cheetos, and lemonade. And for desert, peach cobbler and Blue Bell ice cream. You'll notice there's nothing green in that assortment.
..also rediscovering fruit roll ups.
..reading the hub-bub I seemed to have missed regarding Ellen Tien's story in the May Oprah magazine about divorce. It was all over the blogs a few weeks ago, and people, in discussing it, called her some not-so-nice things. Not that anyone cares, but I know Ellen and her husband, and they are both lovely people and have both been nothing but good to me. And not that this is anything new, but people shouldn't talk smack about people they don't know.
..discovering Joe Venuti. Do you use that Pandora thing? Go to Pandora and plug in Joe Venuti. I listened to that all afternoon. I like when the Stephane Grappelli comes up on there too. Jazz violin. Who knew?
..trying to figure out what the flip is up with my flipping kitchen sink. Every time I put even the tiniest bit of food through the disposal, the flipping sink gets stopped up. I poured flipping drano in there that was left over from the last time this happened, when I was able to successfully de-clog it. That time, I'd put in a huge pile of stuff that I later realized I really shouldn't have. This time, we're talking like not even a handful - less than a handful - of flipping peach peel. And the flipping thing isn't draining again. Fliiiiiip!!!!
..trying not to curse in my blog.

OH, and one last thing! My coworker has started her etsy shop. Of course my favorite is the little bear.

He comes in a set of vintage-y baby cards. If you know a lot of pregnant ladies, you ought to buy some. I know two right now myself. Down from 4 I knew six months ago. Up from 1 I knew one month ago. Yay for babies! I also dig the sweet wagon.

It's so unexpected and happy and bright! The best news? I don't have to pay shipping (because I work with her). Ha ha suckers.


Jade said...

My favorite show!!!!

Loving those baby cards.

Courtney said...

I am so obsessed with this show it isn't even funny! I, too, loved Mark. He was such fun!

tula said...

i, too, am obsessed with SYTYCD. i loved mark, but now i'm pulling for joshua. love him. love his dad.