Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not long now and I'll be headed for this lovely place.

I'm envisioning this particular spot on a sunny day - with my niece and nephew splashing in the water, and a gaggle of people eating watermelon, burgers and brats. Maybe potato salad too. Whatever. I'll eat it all. I'm bringing my own wine. Yes that white wine. I've already downed several bottles since returning to Austin. Why it was so hard to find in New York, I have no idea. But Central Market has cases of it.

Then later, once it has gotten dark, firecrackers from the dock. I remember a Fourth of July like this when I was young. I was the one splashing around in the water. It rarely came together like that so well. And of course, my grandparents won't be there this time. But I'm looking forward to it. Not so much the long drive, but, you know. Once I get there.

Since I'm leaving Thurs directly from work and since tomorrow night I'm going to the Fleet Foxes show (yes, those Fleet Foxes!!), I'm getting my last entry in now before the weekend. In between paragraphs, toenails get painted. You get the idea.

So I finally re-covered this little footstool I bought in May. It was simply a matter of finding my fabric. Once I did that, it was done that same afternoon. A recommendation from a crafty co-worker led to the wonder that is Ginger's Needlearts - this lovely little quilting and embroidery shop. And instantly I found exactly the fabric I wanted. Just like that.

So here's before:

Here's after:

And here's a closeup of that gorgeous fabric. To say I'm smitten with it would be an understatement. And so much better than the stuff that was on there, which was slightly sticky all over. Ew.

It's that lethal combination of blue, white, and orangey-red for me. I just swoon over it. And that's not burnt orange, mind you. Orangey-red. Like the color I'm putting on my toenails right now (Maybelline calls it "Racy Red"). It's actually a rather patriotic-looking combo, but that's not what I think of when I see it. I just think, "ooh, pretty."

Have a good Fourth everyone!


Courtney said...

love the stool! but mostly loving the sound of your weekend. if you find me and my bags on your porch come thursday, you'll know why.

...i'm coming too.

Taylor said...

I'm seeing Fleet Foxes next week. Yay!

Sara Christine said...

That stool is HOT HOT HOT! Love the fabric. Excellent choice. Crazy how a simple fabric update can make something look so chic and modern. Perfect!